Bird Movies


Nature has always been our companions right from time immemorial. Sadly, little attention is being paid to her and matters concerning her. However, in recent times, nature is gradually placed in the limelight with subtle integrations with art and culture. Animals, too, are not left behind in this projection. Birds, in particular, have now become people’s favorites. They are flying animals with a generally beautiful appearance and graceful looks. Birds exist in practically every continent of the world with hundreds of different species. Most birds, even the wild ones, can be quite fascinating to watch, and this has helped in increase the popularity of birdwatching and birding activities.

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Gradually birds have found their way into popular arts and culture. It began with the publications of journals and magazines solely devoted to birds and their different species. Moving on, stories about these lovely creatures began to be told, up to the point where they became elevated animals. This is evident in the inclusion of the eagle and crow in different countries’ coats of arms, insignias, and company logos. Now, in this present time, several human and material resources have been dedicated to the production of bird movies and films. Bird stories are now being told in film style and formats, which is interesting. These stories are told in a documentary style or using the entertainment method. One beautiful thing about these movies is that they offer accurate knowledge and exposes the human mind to the workings and ways of the bird world.

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Movies about birds

There are several movies with birds as either the main character or the idea which the plot revolves around. These movies tell different stories about specific species of birds while enlightening people a great deal. This is because important information about the birds, like their feeding habits, migration technique, and other survival instincts, are carefully integrated with entertainment to keep us glued to our screens. Bird watchers would also find these movies exciting as they get to see their favorite creatures play out on the big screen. Here are a few bird movies that would be a delight to bird enthusiasts:

Fly Away Home

This bird motion picture retells the story of Bill Lishman, who successfully trained several geese from Canada to expertly follow his ultralight aircraft. He also successfully led the migration of those geese in 1993 with the help of his ‘Operation Migration’ program. This movie tells the story from the perspective of another young man who accompanied this great animal lover. This brilliant movie tells and shows in detail several truths about the goose, including its migratory routes and its ability to recognize smells, faces, and surfaces. It was released on September 13, 1996, to the delight of bird lovers.

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It is a beautiful animation that would increase your child’s love for birds and the aviary world. It tells the story of two macaws who fall in love and escape to Rio, Brazil. This piece of art is an eye-opener as it reveals various habits and lifestyles of this breed of birds. It also tells how these birds survive and relate to tropical regions using Rio De Janeiro as a case study. To an outsider, it might be an entertainment piece, but to a bird enthusiast, it reveals many fun facts about macaws and how they thrive, making it more than just a regular movie.

The Birds

Arguably one of the most famous bird films of all time, this movie is of the natural horror-thriller genre of films that uses high suspense and an intricate plot. It shows a story of several mysterious and unexplainable violent attacks of birds on people in a particular town. This movie may be thrilling, but it sheds light on the nature of several birds like crows, gulls, and sparrows. Persons interested in birds would find the film educative as several patterns of bird actions are subtly revealed. There is also a guarantee of having nightmares after seeing it if you are a passionate bird lover.

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Happy Feet

The world of penguins and the frozen lands of Antarctica is expressly revealed in this movie. It is an animation whose story borders on finding love through singing which is a cultural practice of penguins. Some other social and psychological elements of the way of life of these birds are depicted in such a way that it sticks in your memory. Penguins are flightless birds that inhabit the continent of Antarctica.

Documentaries about birds

These are films that address the scientific, physiological, and social aspects of these flying creatures in detail. They do not have entertainment value as they are purely informational and enlightening. A few of these documentaries are seen below:

Winged Migration

It was shot purely using in-flight cameras, and it tells in detail the amazingly long journeys birds have to make during migration. This film is amazing as it follows the birds’ flight from aerial view all through the various journeys. The film is eighty-nine minutes long and was shot without special effects.

March Of The Penguins

This special film showcases the social life of penguins in which they leave the ocean in autumn and walk back to their ancestral ground for breeding. Then, the courtship between penguins begins, and if it is successfully, chicks are hatched. These chicks are then catered for by their parents in transit between the ocean and land over the ensuing months. This documentary is particularly enlightening, and for penguin lovers, it is golden.

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Over the years, other movies concerning birds are still being released as discoveries are being made. Birding and birdwatching get a whole new experience after seeing these bird movies. It is also a great way to get young people interested in bird-related activities as this can help increase their curiosity about the creatures. Education, enlightenment, and entertainment are the main objectives of most bird movies.