10 Best Gifts For Bird Lovers in 2021

Occer Binoculars

DesiDD Funny Gag and Unique Bird Pillow Case

Garwor Home Decor Resin Owl Figurine

Birds are fascinating creatures. Their graceful yet delicate features, gentle yet sly traits, and the mysteries in their flight science make them alluring. Little wonder, some of us humans are seemingly passionate about watching and caring for them. Bird loving humans and researchers rock because they have given the general human populace an insight into the avian world.

Birds are not only exquisite; they are also considered mystical. In some parts of Africa and Europe, birds like swan symbolise humility and purity; eagles symbolise wisdom. Owls used to symbolise cruelty, and crow used to symbolise death. While this symbolisms may or may not have an element of truth to them, the fact remains that humans are fascinated by birds. Humans are bird-loving creatures—some more passionate than others.

Having a passionate bird lover in your circle gives you an insight into what it means to care for something – a living thing – other than our evolved specie. Showing support, love and encouragement to a bird lover involves everything birds, including bird lover gifts.

With the varying needs of bird enthusiasts and lovers existent on Mother Earth’s matter, gifting a bird lover can sometimes become a herculean task. Identifying what kind of bird lover you intend gifting will help you purchase an avian-related gift on cue. Is he or she a bird owner? Bird watcher? Bird photographer? Bird enthusiast? Or a Backyard bird feeder?

Below is a comprehensive list to help you out of that avian-related fix. These gifts are ideal for all bird-loving men, women, dad, mum and kids. Most of the gift products in this guide are from Amazon and have links attached to them. These links are secured, safe and easily clickable.



Occer Binoculars

The Occer binoculars is a 12 x 25 compact binocular with varying features that allow for clear low light vision, large eyepiece waterproof binocular suitable as bird kids for your dad, mum, lover or kids. It is a high power, easy focus binoculars that are great for bird lovers, outdoor hunting, bird watching, sightseeing and travel.

Occer is reputable for its high-quality products. This binocular version is no different as it features a 12x magnification, 25mm objective lens and wide field of view, 273ft/1000yds. These high-powered, large eyepiece binoculars allow you to see wider and look farther.

The binoculars also feature adjustable eyecups that fit eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike. For bird lovers who do not wear glasses, the compact 15mm eye cup feature allows for a clearer image than other binoculars. The rubber eyepieces can be pulled down for glasses wearers to allow for long eye relief and clearer viewing.

The Occer binoculars are great as gifts for – parent and children, young and old – bird lovers. It can be gifted for birding opera, bird and parrot lovers, travelling, and bird watching camping. For an outdoorsy person, the Occer binoculars are also great for wildlife watching, football games, cruise or other outside activity. It features accompanying low light night vision goggles.

The binoculars are made of ABS plastic and a strap that is great for difficult situations. Since the Occur binoculars are pocket-size, shockproof and light water-resistant, it is suitable for bird-loving men, women and kids. Other binoculars great for bird lovers and birdwatching activity is enlisted here (Best Binoculars For Birders and Bird Watching)

Key Features:

  • It contains rubber eyepieces and eyecups
  • Waterproof
  • 12x magnification
  • 25mm objective lens
  • Wide field of view – 273ft/1000yds


  • Brand: Occur
  • 12x magnification
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • 25mm Objective lens
  • Binocular Prism Description: Porro Prism
  • Focus Type: Center Focus
  • BAK-4 prism texture
  • Colour: Black
  • It is a compact and pocket-size binocular
  • It is suitable to carry everywhere
  • It can be used by glasses and non-glasses wearers
  • It is shockproof and light water-resistant
  • It is great for low light night vision
  • It contains low light night vision googles
  • It is made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • It is great for outdoorsy lovers also
  • Allows for varying outdoor activities
  • Comes in only the colour black
  • The straps are not so long


DesiDD Funny Gag and Unique Bird Pillow Case

This funny gag pillowcase from DesiDD is one of the most simple yet cute gifts for bird lovers. It is a quintessential gift that provides value for your money. DesiDD is a reputable brand that produces high-quality, durable clothing, accessories and ornaments for use. The products of DesiDD are a perfect and cute fit for gifting male and female bird lovers alike – they could be for your dad, mum, uncle, aunt or granny.

The DesiDD pillowcase features a microfiber material that is high-quality, durable and easy to use. The microfiber material makes use of the pillowcase soft on the skin. This is perfect for loved ones who double as a bird or parrot lovers and sleep lovers.

Although the pillowcase does not come with a pillow, it is a standard size pillowcase. It has a dimension size of 20″ X 30″. Kudos to the microfiber material feature of this pillowcase. It makes the pillowcase incredibly convenient to use and wash.

Key Features:

  • Microfiber material
  • Standard size pillowcase


  • Brand: DesiDD
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Dimension: 20″ x 30″
  • Pattern: Print
  • Colour: White
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is a standard size pillowcase.
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The pillowcase measures approximately 20″ X 30″
  • It comes in only white colour.
  • It does not include a pillow.


Garwor Home Decor Resin Owl Figurine

The Garwin Owl Figurine is a home decor resin owl figurine made of high-quality resin material. It is an ideal gift for bird lovers and could be used in office and home spaces.

The Garwin Owl Figurine is a classic handcrafted antique with vivid leather details that bring style and passion to any bird lover. These features make it a suitable figurine for tabletop, bookshelves, mantel, and bedside tables. It is easy to clean and maintain. With a dry or damp cloth, dust can be removed from the bird figurine.

The figurine is a small-sized resin figurine that comes in various size dimensions and concept. The various concepts in their varying sizes are 11.2″ Owl Figurine, 4PCS/Set Owl Concert Figurine, 4.2″ White Owl Figurine, 5.5″ Elephant Statue, 6″ Three Wise Owl on Branch Figurine, 6″ White Owl Figurine, 7.7″ Owl Embossed Décor Plate, and 11.2″ Owl Figurine.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted resin antique
  • Leather details
  • Dimension: 4.7 x 2.8 x 11.2 inches
  • Various fun concepts
  • Home and office decor use


  • Brand: Garwor
  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Material: Resin
  • Dimension: 4.7 x 2.8 x 11.2 inches
  • Colour: Animal
  • It is made of high-quality resin materials.
  • It is a classic antique
  • No building/assembly required.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It does not require batteries.
  • It comes in various sizes and concepts.
  • It can be used as a home or office decor.
  • It is small-sized.


Mark Feldstein & Associates Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock

Mark Feldstein & Associates did their amazing homework with the Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock piece. Just as the name implies, the piece is represented by singing birds. Twelve singing birds are chirping to melodious tunes at every hour’s ring. The singing birds are birds that have been identified with North America.

Although wall clocks with singing birds go way back, The Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock has new features incorporated in them that allow for an amazing experience or nature lovers. These features include a light sensor that deactivates the room when it gets dark and a battery-operated, 13.2 x 13.2 inches, 8” diameter wall clock.

The wall clock features a keyhole that enhances convenient keyhole hanging. With the accompanying simplicity, The Audubon singing wall clock can be displayed on the wall, in the bedroom, the kitchen.

The singing birds’ wall clock is a perfect gift for nature lovers and outdoorsy people. It comes in plastic and glass rim and varies in style. The National Audubon Society licenses the Audubon Singing bird wall clock.

Key Features:

  • Keyhole for hanging
  • Different birds sing at different alarm rings.
  • It uses 3 AA batteries.


  • Brand: Feldstein & Associates
  • Model: Feldstein & Associates Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock, 13 Inch
  • 8″ diameter
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 1 x 13 inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Keyhole for hanging
  • It includes a light sensor that deactivates when a room is dark
  • 12 Different birds sing at different alarm rings
  • It can be displayed on the wall, in the bedroom, the kitchen.
  • Provides value for money
  • it is great for nature lovers and outdoorsy people.
  • Batteries are not included.


Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification

Bird finding and watching is a challenging skill despite being fun. Worse still is mastering the skill of avian identification and language. Or understanding the mysteries birds reveal to you when they chirp. This and more are what birth the Effin’ Birds field guide by Aaron Reynolds.

The Effin’ Birds is a comprehensive, compact, illustrated, and humorous field guide that features over 200 rudest birds. The Effin’ Birds is a highly reviewed and best seller ranking #20 in Bird Field Guides, #14 in Cat, Dog & Animal Humor, #15 in Parody and #8,159 in Books.

The Effin’ Birds field guide provides insight into the mysterious world of avians, illustrates various behavioural patterns and behaviours of birds, helps understand what birds say when they chirp, including “f*ck off”, features never-seen-before birds, bird humour, insults and field notes. The Effin’ Bird is an humorous yet insightful must-have for every bird lover.

Effin’ Birds is a long awaited new volume in the field of bird identification and nature writing. Alongside brands like Kaufman, Sibley and Peterson, Effin’ Birds contains over 150 pages saturated with classic, monochrome plumage art combined with an alluring yet dirty aphorism made the Effin’ Birds Twitter feed a reputable name.

Aaron Reynolds, the author, is a renowned humourist, baseball writer, fine art printer, mall Santa Claus photographer and a professional speaker. You can trust to have soft giggling and maybe a loud laugh ride while mastering the art of bird identification.

Key Features:

  • Bird guide
  • Hardcover
  • Written in English
  • Humorous and insightful
  • Avian behavioural patterns and language
  • Illustrated edition


  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
  • Publication date: October 15, 2019 (Illustrated edition)
  • Author: Aaron Reynolds
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 6.23 x 0.85 x 8.54 inches
  • Hardcover: 208 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1984856286
  • ISBN-13: 978-1984856289
  • Weight: 1.24 pounds
  • It will leave you peeing in your pants with humour.
  • It is a bird field guide to help master the art of bird identification.
  • It provides insight into the behavioural patterns of birds.
  • It provides insight into the language mysteries of birds.
  • Helps to master bird identification as a skill effectively
  • It is highly reviewed and a best seller.
  • It is written in English for easy access across regions.


Kikkerland Loose Tea Infuser

The Kikkerland Loose Tea Infuser shaped in an avian form is a stylish tea infuser for bird lovers who double as tea lovers. How delightful it is to behave your two favourite things in one element. The bird-shaped tea infuser is a real ‘hoot’ that comes in a complete stainless steel material.

The tea infuser is a great gift for bird-passionate, tea-loving moms and dads with its drip tray that comes in handy as a saucer when not in use. The bird-shaped infuser allows for fruit, spices or tea infusion into your beverage.

With a dimension that measures 1.375 by 1.125 by 2.25-Inch and a best seller rank of #28 in Tea Ball Strainers, #19,216 in Kitchen Utensils & Gadget and 2,962 in Home & Kitchen, the Kikkerland loose tea infuser is a thoughtful gift for nature and bird lovers.

Key Features:

  • Owl shaped tea infuser
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • #28 in Tea Ball Strainers
  • #19,216 in Kitchen Utensils & Gadget
  • 162,962 in Home & Kitchen


  • Brand: Kikkerland
  • Model number: CU93
  • Dimensions: 1.38 x 1.13 x 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Made of 100% stainless steel
  • It is great for tea, fruit or spice lovers that double as bird lovers.
  • It is highly reviewed and a top-rated best seller.
  • It does not come in various sizes and style options
  • It can only be washed with hands


Princeton Birds Observer Notebook/Journal

A great gift for bird lovers, birdwatching hobbyists, bird and nature enthusiasts is a bird journal or life list. The Princeton Birds Observer Notebook is a stellar gift with its multi-dimensional features. The journal contains 144 ruled and unruled blank pages for journaling, colourful bird illustration, helpful hints on attracting birds and beneficial charts and drawings.

The Princeton journal’s delightful feature comes with a beautiful cloth cover that makes the journal last through seasons. A weight of 9.9 ounces and dimensions 7.25 x 0.5 x 9.25 inches makes it a convenient pick. The durable, high-quality paper with alluring vintage charts and varying designs helps create insight for bird sighting, drawing, tracking and thoughts.

The Princeton Birds Observer Notebook/Journal is the perfect journal for bird watchers and lovers because it features alluring vintage charts. These vintage charts identify the differences in birds eggs, feathers, nests, species, habitats, beak and foot adaptions, comparative size, and flight modes.

The journal is great for bird-loving kids and adults. It brings you closer to understanding and experiencing the wonders and mysteries of the avian world.

Key Features:

  • Illustrations
  • Colourful drawings
  • Ruled and unruled blank journaling pages
  • Features Exquisite cloth cover
  • Vintage charts
  • Identifies avian variation
  • 9.9 ounces, 7.25 x 0.5 x 9.25 inches journal
  • Written in English


  • Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
  • Publication date: March 5, 2019 (Illustrated edition)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1616897910
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616897918
  • Dimensions : 7.25 x 0.5 x 9.25 inches
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Best Sellers Rank: #445,342 in Books
  • It helps to identify variations in bird eggs, nests, feathers, and species.
  • It helps to identify variations in beak and foot adaptations.
  • It contains diagrams and drawings of bird habitats, anatomy, nests and eggs.
  • It features 144 high-quality ruled and unruled pages.
  • It features vintage charts and varying designs.
  • It provides insight for bird sighting, drawing, tracking and thoughts.
  • It comes with a luxurious cloth cover to make it last through seasons.
  • It is a convenient pick.
  • It is great for kids and adults alike.
  • It does not come in varying sizes.
  • English can be a barrier for non-English natives.


CC-Los Comfy Shoes

What’s a birding adventure without some comfy shoes? Incomplete adventure it is. The Cc-Los shoes is a lightweight outdoor non-slip shoe. It is great for low top climbing, trekking, hiking, camping, garden walking and bird watching. It features advanced traction with an anti-skid tooth and lug bottom sole. This patterned sole grasps the ground, firmly keeping you from slipping no matter the circumstance.

The use of breathable lining material to make the shoes is a wise decision. Breathable lining material ensures your feet remain dry and soft by wicking moisture away. It features rubber toe and heel caps that reinforce safety for these bodyparts. Safety is ensured by reducing injury impact with hard surfaces. The dual-zone tread allows you to have a solid footing in varying winter patterns – be it snow or ice.

Gifting a bird lover – be it, dad, mom, kid, lover or a friend – some Cc-Los shoes help them stay comfortable and keep safe. At the same time, we are doing what they love – Bird watching.

Key Features:

  • Breathable lining material.
  • Omni-grip and dual-zone use
  • 62% cotton, 38% polyester
  • Rubber sole
  • Shock-absorbing Phylon Midsole
  • Highly durable
  • Ultra Anti-slip and Durable PPR Outsole.
  • Anti-Collision Protective Toe Cap


  • Brand: CC-Los
  • Weight : 0.68lb
  • The shaft measures approximately 2.68″ from the arch.
  • Platform measures approximately 1.00.”
  • 62% cotton, 38% polyester
  • It is made with breathable lining material.
  • It is very durable birding footwear.
  • It is made from premium cotton, rubber and polyester.
  • It grips the ground firmly to prevent slips.
  • It reduces injury impact.
  • It keeps the feet and toes safe when bird watching.
  • It has a solid footing on ice and snow.
  • The size is not always true.


Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

Every adventure requires a compact backpack to hold all adventure gears in place effectively. This likewise applies to birdwatching. Hence, the Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack is highly handy for gifting a bird lover. The backpack is a heavy-duty product that supports outdoor protection in sizes 35L and 55L. The 35L pack can hold your binoculars, bird field guide, comfy shoes, some food, a sleeping bag, some clothes and more. The 55L packs’ everything possibly needed for a long-duration birdwatching camping, including your kitchen sink.

Several interesting features make the Earth Pak backpack a best seller. These features include extra storage and hidden pockets that enable you to grab items on the go without unrolling the entire bag. These pockets are both external and internal and are zippered and meshed. Another interesting feature is that the backpack is completely waterproof and includes an IPX waterproof phone case.

The backpack is easy to use, fold, safe for bird travel, and is built for your comfort. It features shoulder straps that are contoured and a low-profile sternum strap that helps to reduce the weight’s pressure off your back. The ergonomic padded back panel also possesses a waist-belt that relieves load pressure on your waist.

The Earth Pak Backpack is a great gift for nature, bird and outdoorsy lovers. The backpack encourages the use of an innovative product to support birdwatching adventures and exploration.

Key Features:

  • Cushioned Padded Back Panel for Comfort
  • IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case
  • Front zippered pockets
  • Hidden pockets
  • It comes in sizes 35L and 55L.
  • Waist-belt to relieve pressure


  • Brand: Earth Pak
  • Model : B07BDQG6MG
  • Dimensions : 21.26 x 16.73 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 2.51 Pounds
  • It is safe for travel.
  • It is very comfy and supports a load.
  • It has plenty of extra storage.
  • It contains numerous hidden pockets.
  • It is easy to use
  • Completely waterproof
  • It has a waterproof phone case.
  • It has a waist-belt to ease load pressure.
  • The zipper breaks easily.
  • The strength of the straps is not very reliable.


Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

If you are on the look out to gift a curious bird lover a close view experience of their favourite wild birds, then you should consider The Nature’s Hangout Window Feeder. The window feeder is made with 100% acrylic that allows you to inspect closely and see-through the markings and variations of each bird species.

The window feeder features two suction cups that prevent the feeder or birds from falling off. With its padded-grip perch, birds are protected from rain or snow and given room to rest from all that flight. From your home’s comfort, while having coffee, at the office or making dinner, you can birdwatch and feed various species of birds. The seed tray that holds up to 4 cups of seeds allows for that.

Nature’s Hangout window feeder is easy to maintain. It features mould-free drainage that prevents wet seed and the feeder from getting nasty. The window feeder is excellent for relaxation for kids, the elderly and pets. Birdwatching in a close range of feeds and fuel their curiosity and keeps them entertained all day.

Many more features of Nature’s Hangout Window Feeder helps you bond with the wonder of nature in a delightful manner. Much more, at the comfort of your home.

Key Features:

  • Suction Cups
  • Durable, All-Weather Design
  • Mounts Safely to Any Window
  • Comfortable and Padded-Grip Perch
  • Includes a Top Bird House Cover
  • Mould-Free Drainage Holes
  • Comfortable and Padded-Grip Perch


  • Brand: Nature’s Hangout
  • Dimension : 11.8 x 5 x 4 Inches
  • Holds 4 Cups of Bird Seed
  • 100% Clear Acrylic
  • It is easy to clean
  • Hold enough seeds to feed numerous birds.
  • It comes in a beautiful gift box packaging, perfect for gifting bird lovers.
  • It is a great gift for pet owners, kids, the elderly, bird watchers, and nature lovers.
  • It is a 100% clear acrylic design.
  • Refilling is made easy with removable trays.
  • It is durable and suitable for all weather.
  • It contains drainage to prevent mould growth.
  • It gives an avenue to bird watch from your home’s comfort.
  • It protects birds from rain and snow.
  • It includes a padded-grip perch that allows birds to rest.
  • t Contains powerful suction cups that prevent the feeder and birds from falling off.
  • Lack of use know-how can lead to squirrel invasion.

Buying Guide Questions

What is a bird enthusiast called?

There are various names by which a bird enthusiast is called. They include ornithologist, bird lover, ecologist, twitcher, amongst others. However, the most prominent name for a bird enthusiast is ‘Twitcher’.

How do you become a bird watcher?

Becoming a birdwatcher is simple and fun but following some basic steps ensures you stay safe, are kind to birds, have a great time and become the greatest bird watcher that ever liveth. Becoming a bird watcher includes:

Dress the part

Just like dressing for any occasion or date, becoming a bird watcher involves looking the part. Not disrupting or scaring the birds, wearing clothes that help you blend into your surroundings is crucial. Dark, camouflaged or neutral colours is the right fit. This helps you spend more time observing the birds in their natural habitat. Having a hat or cap, especially in the tropics region, prevents sunburn on your face.

Also, some cursory research on the location and birds in your area gives you insight into what to expect in the wild. Having a clue about what to expect helps you make informed clothing decisions.

Good Binoculars are handy

To become a bird watcher – a good one at that – having watch tools necessary for bird watching is crucial. A good pair of binoculars or telescope comes in handy in spotting the birds from afar. The downside to a telescope is they are not particularly portable. Waterproof binoculars that can be magnified to at least 8x will do your bird watching experience many good.

A good pair of binoculars cost between $100 and $300 on average. However, some local centres allow you to try varying binoculars before purchasing one.

Bird watching Date: Pick a venue.

Do your research. Pick a venue known to be a habitat for birds. Places around trees, water, feeding sites, parks, etc., are likely locations. Unsure of such a location? Search the internet or consult a local field guide. They could help with suggestions and recommendations on well-known safe locations for birdwatching.

To become a bird watcher, Act like one.

Bird watchers watch birds. They do so by observing them. Employ the use of your binoculars to observe and inspect the bird without scaring them. Watch the mannerisms, behaviours and type of sounds the birds make. If need be, focus your binoculars so you can notice the distinctive features of each bird.

While bird watching, various species of birds will be encountered. Observing certain features, colours, and unique markings helps distinguish between species. A simple way to bird watch is to identify a bird’s field mark. This is usually the most obvious feature of the bird. Observe the bird’s head down to other parts of the body. It is advisable to take notes and keep track of the features and kinds of bird you see. These will help you develop an organised method of observing, identifying and remembering discoveries of birds found.

It is important to walk slowly and quietly when bird watching to avoid startling them. Ensure the flash and snapshot sound of your camera is turned off. A good bird watcher is a quiet one who does not scare the birds away.

Practice makes a bird watcher.

Just like with anything else, practice makes a bird watcher. By frequently birdwatching, you become a better bird watcher. It is better to watch, better and faster at identifying various species and distinguishing features, better at having an adventurous time without startling the birds.

Becoming a birdwatcher is a real deal. For more insight into how to become a birdwatcher, consider reading

(How To Be a Birdwatcher)

What do bird watchers need?

Gifting or finding out what a bird watcher needs can sometimes be a hands-on job as it is often assumed they only watch birds. Well, maybe yes, but that’s not entirely true. Bird watchers do more than look at birds. And they have needs. If you seek insight into what bird watchers need, here are the basic yet essential needs of an average bird watcher in no particular order. A field guide, binoculars, sunscreen, a face cap or hat, a life list or field journal, bird club membership, a bird song app or CD, comfy footwear and a birding pack.

What are the best binoculars for bird watching?

As the eyes are to the body, so is binocular to a bird watcher. It illuminates, magnifies, helps identify bird species and aid the bird watching experience. Knowing how important binoculars are to bird watching, we have curated some of the best binoculars. In no particular order, they are the: Nikon Aculon A30 10×25 Binoculars, ZEISS Victory FL Binoculars (8×32), Vortex Optics Razor UHD Binoculars 12×50, Swarovski SLC 8×42, Swarovski 10×50 EL Binocular SWA35210 and Maven B1 10X42mm ED Binoculars. Typically, binoculars are good enough for bird watching when they are waterproof and have a magnification factor of 8x and above.

What is the bird identification game

The bird identification game is a bird-themed game that requires you to answer simple questions about a bird you intend to identify. There are various websites and iOS or Andriod apps that serve this purpose. An example is Merlin. Merlin offers possible matches and instant identification help for bird watchers to learn about the birds across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa.

What are the best bird feeders?

Varying bird feeders exist. Choosing the best bird feeders depends on certain factors peculiar to your preferences as a bird watcher. These factors include the kind of birds you intend to attract, your feeder’s intended location, whether or not predators or pests can interfere with your bird feeder, which bird feeder attract more birds, amongst others.

The different type of bird feeders is a tube, platform, and hopper. The best of these is the hopper because the hopper allows it to hold a huge amount of seed, allowing for a wide range of birds to perch and feed. The highly rated bird feeders are Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Bird Feeder, Brome Squirrel Solution200 Wild Bird Feeder, GrayBunny Deluxe Clear Window Bird Feeder, Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder, Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder and Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder.

What is a birdlife list?

A bird life list is a cumulative list of all the bird species an individual birder identifies successfully. This list entails the non-captive birds you as a birder can identify confidently based on their features and unique markings. A list is only counted valid when the birder can successfully identify the bird. A bird life list helps you keep a record of birds you have seen and identified, and it is also great for researchers and adventurers.


Gifting a bird lover a bird themed gift is thoughtful and can make a lot of difference in your relationship. It would make you supportive of their bird loving passion and foster yo into an insightful journey in the exquisite yet mysterious world of avians. However, the gift you purchase or home-make should depend on the needs of that particular bird lover. And whether or not they are enthusiasts or Twitchers.

After digesting these reviewed list of bird-themed gifts, you should have gained clarity, or insight at least on what to gift a bird lover.