Best Birding Apps


The world today has become a digital one where machines carry out activities that were in previous years carried out by humans. Every sector of human life has been affected by this trend of change which has greatly improved the quality of living. In today’s world, tasks and duties that would have difficult and challenging are now largely effortless. The coming of mobile phones has set people on the path of achieving goals speedily and efficiently. Life has even become a whole lot better with the creation of smartphones which makes people smarter.

With a single touch on your smart device, you can get access to any and every piece of information you need. Some programs run on smartphones, and they are called apps. Several apps go a long way in making life easy as they can be used to find and access different websites, news, and information of relevance. Different types of apps exist for different purposes, but there is an assurance that for every aspect of your life, there are apps to make that area easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

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Apps that can be used for birding also exist, making the whole birding process better. Birding involves an active observation of different species of birds in their natural environment. It involves traveling to see new species of birds, observing and studying them to learn more, and discovering the relationship between these flying creatures and their habitats. Birding can also be referred to as birdwatching but it is a more active form of birdwatching. While birdwatchers are content to just observe birds for aesthetic reasons, birders are satisfied by the number of birds they see and can recognize in a single glance.

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Apps make the art of birding a simple and exciting one. This is because not everyone can afford to get field guides or subscribe to different bird magazines for relevant information about birds. Even when some people get this information, they might not find it helpful as there might be difficulty understanding and remembering details. This is where these apps rise to the occasion.

Considering that your phones are always with you and it is pretty easy to commit to memory what we see often, birding apps enhances and improves your love for birds by offering you a chance to know more about each bird that you spot in the sky. All you need is a picture of the bird or a name, and relevant details will be supplied instantly. Some apps even go further by employing your phone’s GPS to track other locations where a certain bird can be found, making the whole birding process more fun and exciting.

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Perfect apps for birding

Several apps now exist for this wonderful art, and although most of them are good, not all have proven truly helpful. Some of them are just big memory-wise and take a lot of space while offering little or no value in exchange. Birding apps can also attract some fees to access them by some are known to be free. The following apps are the best in providing pleasure, knowledge, and satisfaction from birding:


This is arguably one of the best birding apps in existence and a very good choice for novices in the art of birdwatching. The fact that it is free also encourages its use in the birding world. This is because of the existence of several other popular apps that are not helpful to birding. It is very easy to understand and handle and is highly suitable for a newcomer in the birding world. This app allows the user to speedily know several birds and also submit sights of birds obtained. It gives you information on the birds in your region, and once you upload a bird picture, it helps you identify the bird and all its features. You can even report a bird sighting, and this alerts other birders to the bird that was seen. In this way, bird knowledge is shared among users that can serve as a record for bird species or journals.

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Birds Eye

BirdsEye is a special app that covers and includes birds on a global scale, quite contrary to the regional coverage of other birding apps. It is a free app but requires that you also download bird information in the region of your choice. This app is also easy to operate and features pictures of birds and their sounds to help you identify them even when not sighted clearly.

eGuide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent

This app can serve as a good replacement for field guides and bird magazines as a result of its descriptive nature. It is, however, limited as the birds whose information is available are natives of certain regions and countries such as India and Pakistan. It is not a free app but would give you a pleasing reward for your money.

Merlin Bird ID

Being able to identify birds is the main concern for this app. It gives you information by allowing the user to provide answers to questions relating to the birds they have seen. By doing this, your mind becomes attuned to recognizing bird species easily. There are also bird pictures for clarity. It, however, only identifies birds found in Canada and the United States.

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Constant birders can recognize birds by their calls and sounds, which they do by staying quiet and listening attentively. This app helps develop the ears of birders to the different birds and their songs, and this provides an exciting bird experience. They are, however, limited to North America and also cost quite a fortune to gain access to.


Bird apps go a long way in making birding a more exciting hobby and passion as it gives room for you to explore at every moment. Quite many applications to increase interest in birdwatching are available, but when choosing from them, you must go for the best and most suitable one. The experience of seeing birds is a whole different one with birding apps.