About Us

If you love nature and love birding or birdwatching, you will love Birding Frontiers! Birding Frontiers is a site that has everything you need about birding. If you are a novice to birding, then there is a section for you not to become confused about this site’s other information. I designed Birding Frontiers to make it easy for novices who are just beginning to get themselves involved with this fulfilling and relaxing hobby.

You will find sections on the live cams and optics to use reviewed by the contributors here on this site. That way, you will know about the best type of equipment to invest in for birding. You will also learn plenty of interesting facts about the various birds, such as garden birds, wildlife birds, and pet birds. The contributors aside from myself to Birding Frontiers are a photographer who is also an avid hiker, a naturalist who loves animals and nature, and a retired birder.

All of us write reviews of cams, binoculars, and other equipment needed for birdwatching, in addition to tips and tricks to make your experience a successful and pleasurable one. To learn about each of the contributors, go and click on each of the bios.

Victor Brown

Victor Brown was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and developed a love for camping and the outdoors when he was young. During his youth, he went through personal family situations when he developed his appreciation for the outdoors. Victor would run to the nearby park to clear his mind and take in the natural beauty around him. He developed an appreciation for birds and other wildlife around him and began birdwatching.

Victor spent a lot of time camping and traveling to different campgrounds in different areas of the world. He went to bartending school, then moved to a remote suburb of Wisconsin, and worked as a bartender at a resort. Victor wanted to set up an engaging resource for birding during his spare time when the Birding Frontiers became a thing. He created the website and found three other passionate contributors to send engaging content about the niche. Victor also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and playing tennis in addition to camping. He also spends a lot of time with his parrot, Archie, who brings him joy.

Ashley Bishop

Ashley Bishop was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and developed a love and skills for photography during her youth. She also started hiking with friends during her teens and kept at it throughout her life. She also loved watching birds and the outdoors. Since Ashley maintained her desire to become a professional photographer, she took a local college photography course. When Ashley was in college, she hooked up with her boyfriend, her husband from Buffalo, New York.

After Ashley finished college, she moved to Buffalo, where she married her husband. She also landed a wedding photography job and continues to take pictures of birds and other wildlife during her spare time. Ashley is a worthwhile contributor to Birding Frontiers. During her spare time, Ashley goes hiking, birding, and spending time outdoors with her husband and two Doberman dogs.

Byron Cunningham

Byron Cunningham was born and raised in Dover, England, and lived out in the country. During his youth, he had an intense interest in country life and the environment. When he was a teenager, he started birding since he developed a fascination with birds. Byron took environmental study programs at local colleges in the area. Byron spent many years working at campgrounds and conservation areas in Dover and was an avid birder at that point.

In this thirties, he moved to Glasgow, Scotland, because his wife landed a job opportunity. However, he found opportunities to work at conservation sites and campgrounds in the region. Byron frequently gave talks on birds and wildlife. He no longer works but still enjoys birding when he can do it. His love for the outdoors never disappeared. Byron is a frequent contributor to Birding Frontiers, and he has two grown sons and two parakeets and enjoys cooking.

Tyler van Es

Tyler van Es was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and became an avid camper during his youth. He developed an interest in wild animals, including insects, when he was younger. The idea of working in animal sciences interested him, and he even thought about becoming an entomologist when he was in high school. However, he decided to study biology and achieved his Master’s in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tyler is a naturalist and an environmentalist who loves nature and animals – especially birds. He studies wildlife and nature at a conservation center in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he now resides. His wife is also an animal biologist, who he met at work. Tyler is a worthwhile contributor to Birding Frontiers. During his spare time, he spends time with his family, his pets and goes camping quite often.