Do you love spending a lot of time outdoors, and do you love birding or bird watching? Or, are you an outdoor enthusiast that wants to know more about birding? That is why Birding Frontiers is here – as this website is the perfect resource for bird watchers. Birding is one of the most relaxing hobbies that will help you clear your mind and increase your appreciation of nature.

Birding Frontiers will bring you all of the information you need about this hobby. If you are brand new to birding, there is no need to worry about being overwhelmed with this site’s information. That is why there is a section for novices to learn about birding, the title, Birds 101.

If you are looking for the right equipment to use, you will find a section on this site regarding the best bird cams for birdwatching to get and a section on optics advice. You can also learn about some birding tips and tricks to make your experience pleasurable.

If you want to learn about birds, whether they are garden birds, wildlife birds, and pet birds, Birding Frontiers has that information for you too. Go and explore the website and its categories. You will be amazed.


Start Here with Birds 101

Are you brand new to birding, and are you overwhelmed about how to start this fulfilling hobby? Then you will want to start with this section, which is the Birds 101 category. In this area, you will find the introduction to birding easy to understand and engaging. You will learn about what behaviors of various birds and the equipment and accessories to use for birdwatching. You will also find out why many organizations have a use for birdwatchers. Any general fact about birds and the hobby you will learn about in this section.

Live Bird Cams

There are many live bird cams and binoculars to use when you go birding. However, you will not know which ones to invest in if you are a novice. That is why there is a live bird cams section that will help you make that decision by presenting you with the reviewed options by the enthusiastic contributors to Birding Frontiers. If you are not new to birding but want to look into different live bird cams or binoculars, this section will be of use for you too.

Garden Birds

Garden birds are gorgeous, and this is the section to learn about the birds in your garden. Examples of various garden birds are the house sparrow, black-capped chickadee, European starling, northwestern crow, and American robin. There are many more garden birds than those few examples. However, you will learn about every one of them, and how you can make your garden more popular for these birds. You’ll find information on birdfeeders, birdbaths, and more in this section.

Wildlife Birds

If you want to travel to remote areas not too far from your vicinity or even to places abroad, you can learn about various wildlife birds. You can learn about various wildlife birds such as loons, the bald eagle, the grouse, the burrowing owl, falcon, and Canada geese. You will also know what signs of aggression to look for so you can avoid them. You can also learn about the best times of day and year to visit these birds so you can capture your best shots at them.

Pet Birds

If you are considering getting a pet bird, you will learn about the common pet birds and the care they will require in this category. The information you need on pet birds such as parrots, budgerigars, cockatiels, finches, cockatoos, grey parrots, and lovebirds are here. If you enjoy birding, you will love to have a pet bird with which you can interact.

Optics Advice

If you are looking for advice to utilize when using cams and binoculars, this is the section. You will receive the best optics advice regarding magnification and how to take shots at different angles. If you wear glasses, you will also find out how to adjust your cams or binoculars properly so you can make the most of your birdwatching experience.

Tips & Tricks

This section will learn about all of the tips and tricks for making your bird watching experience a rich one. Examples of the information to utilize are as quiet as you can and not flicking around the birds. You will also learn how to study the birds’ habitat and how to follow the crowd. Tips in regards to working with the flock are in this section too, and more.

Who We Are

Birding Frontiers exists because of a dream that an outdoor adventurist had. I established Birding Frontiers and found three contributors to the site. The other contributors are a photographer who enjoys hiking, a naturalist who loves nature and animals, and a retired birder. You will find intriguing and engaging content written by each one of them on the site.