Bird Dream- Meaning


Most times, when we sleep at night, we get treated to pictures, sometimes moving ones or stationary displays, which according to many people, play out in our heads. They are often called dreams, even though there are other names for them. These dreams can be scenes from the past, present, and in some cases, the future. Many people believe that there is a spiritual connection between dreams and reality. For this reason, a level of importance is placed on what we see in our dreams, their meanings, and how they affect our daily lives. Sights of different things and animals can have several interpretations, and how these things appear also are important to note. Seeing a cat in your dream would mean different things if it is either sleeping, playing, or attacking.

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While dreams about some animals are regarded as not entirely good, bird dreams are quite the opposite. Birds, in reality, are lovely creatures, full of hope and life. Their songs alone offer a warmth to life that tends to bring out the best in people. In dreams, birds hugely represent your desires, hopes, ambitions, and aspirations, so it is easy to deduce that whatever actions undertaken by the birds have a reflecting effect on your life. The sight of birds, to a large extent, is viewed as a positive occurrence that should be duly noted by the individual. Freely flying birds could mean happiness, gay, love, and balance. When you see hatchlings breaking out of their eggs, it can be a form of delayed or withheld progress, while the sight of a bird’s nest surely means a desire for independence or a new shelter. It should now be clear that dreams of birds can have several denotations and interpretations. While taking this fact to heart, it would also be wise to consider the breed of birds and the frequency in which we have these dreams to relate them with our lives.

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Bird dream- a general meaning

Birds, in general, are usually associated with peace, joy, goodwill, messages, and love, while in dreams, they closely represent your wishes and innermost desires. Most of the time, sightings of them are usually hopeful and reassuring. Prosperity is predicted by flying birds, while power can be indicated with a group of birds. If you happen to be the bird flying, then it means you are rising above obstacles and challenges.

However, not all appearings of birds are good omens. If you are being attacked by these creatures, it denotes that you will be troubled by people in reality.

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When you see an extremely large bird, be sure to note that you will soon face a difficult situation that you may not overcome. If you are torn or taken apart into small pieces, this suggests that people are very jealous of you and would want to cause you harm. There are still several meanings of seeing birds in your dreams, but on a general note, most of these meanings are more positive than negative.

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Specific meanings of bird dreams

When we consider this, there is a need to be very meticulous and straightforward. It is also important to note that some factors are very key in giving us insights as to certain meanings of seeing birds in the dream. These factors include the color of the birds, the actions carried out by the animal, and the breed or species of birds. This is because a white-colored dove nibbling on a fig tree symbolizes a different thing when placed with a dream of angry-looking ravens jabbing and slashing at you with their beaks and talons. Below are some interpretations of these visions based on the categories listed earlier:

According to color


The sight of these brightly colored animals can signify an existence of peace and kindness. It can also subtly depict the advent and arrival of true love, which would stand for a long time.

Purple or violet birds

This color naturally deals with the mind and creativity. When birds of this color are seen, it indicates an increase in the creative levels of the individual. It also represents an opening of the mind to several truths.

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Quite contrary to most things associated with this pigment, the sight of redbirds symbolizes a form of energy and passion towards something or someone. It also represents a defining and intense change in life’s decisions.


They indicate a season filled with beauty, fun, and total happiness. It is also a symbol of the promise of wonderful and beautiful moments filled with laughter and love.

Multicolored birds

To see such birds is a testimony to the several twists and turns which your life is going to take. It is also an indication that your life will come in different shades and colors.

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According to breed or species of birds


When this bird appears in your dream, it indicates an absence of inspiration or motivation and can also mean the presence of lust, temptation, or jealousy.


When you see an eagle, it represents a state of fierceness, pride, strength, and wisdom which you will possess or already have. It can also be a depiction of courage, self-confidence, and positive willpower.


There is no argument as to the keen eyesight of falcons, and so when you dream of them, it reflects your focus on your desires and ambitions.


It is a good omen to be seen, especially for those in romantic relationships, as it implies lifetime companionship and partnership.


It brings to mind and indicates a state of team spirit, teamwork, community sense, and cooperation. It is also a reflection of new experiences and situations that one is bound to benefit from.


Every dream has its interpretation and context from which it represents and symbolizes several possibilities, so we must note it, especially bird dreams.