Best Online Nurseries for Perennials


Plants whose life cycles exceed two years are generally referred to as perennials. These plants are graced with adaptive features which enable them to survive the harshest forms of winter, over and over.

Gardeners and florists, who are more attuned to growing a garden over long periods, favor perennials over annuals and biennials. Most flower and shrub plants found in regular gardens fall into this category. If you are looking to purchase a rare variety of perennials for your garden, looking to add to your collection of perennials, you might have to settle for online nurseries.

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There are some nurseries which one can visit when in need of young plants. Most of these stores already have a reputation selling plants as regular retail stores. Some, however, offer the same services as Amazon or the neighborhood pizza delivery. They have successfully built an online store with delivery services that sometimes rival fast-food delivery.

Most physical retail plant shops have one major turnoff, especially when you have to shop within your locality. They generally put up similar plants on display. If you’re looking to purchase rare perennials, the mail-order style is best for you.

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How it works

While some online nurseries also have physical grocery-store-styled shops, others make do with warehouse nurseries tending only to orders placed online.

Some online nurseries have managed to place themselves far ahead of the pack in terms of consumer satisfaction.

The nurseries mentioned in this article are those who have been observed, through studies, to have shown excellence in the availability of varieties of perennials, proper packaging and safe movement of plant from one location to the other, express and swift delivery system, and general professionalism.

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Perfect online nurseries

Wayside Gardens

With over 90 years of gardening experience in the bag, Wayside Gardens is one of the foremost in the gardening industry in the US. Established in 1920, the company has a goal to provide their clientele with the most exciting and unusual plants, with a large variety of perennials, for their gardens.

Garnering a lot of respect over the years for the quality of their perennials and plants and the availability of rare species, generally, they have managed to stand out as one of the best mail-order nurseries in the US. They have since been bought by the Park Seed Company and moved a lot of their activities online.

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Coupled with the fact that they offer a company credit, some form of a rebate if the plant is not delivered in top quality, Wayside Gardens offers a very unique experience to plant shoppers. Their website is easy to navigate, with varieties of plants in stock. The purchasing process is also up-to-date, with a great deal of emphasis on ease of use, on the part of the consumers. Filters are also employed to pinpoint the variety of plants that the shopper searches for, helping to narrow down the search considerably.

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Beth Chatto’s Plants and Gardens

The brainchild of Beth Chatto, who was an award-winning author, plantswoman, and university lecturer, the company has marked itself as one reliable plant shop in the UK.

With a 7.5-acre garden and a state-of-the-art website, they offer both walk-in services and mostly mail-order services. With as many as thousands of unusual plants in stock, anyone shopping for even the rarest perennials would find them at Beth Chatto’s.

Excellent delivery and shipping systems, quality and eco-friendly packaging of the plant, and modest pricing are some of the benefits gardeners enjoy shopping here. The website is easy to navigate and very colorful, giving the feel of physical plant shopping. The site also has filters, helping users search for the exact kind of perennial that fits their garden’s growing conditions. If you are up for some sightseeing, Beth Chatto’s Gardens are open to visitors for eight months a year, while the online nursery is open all year round.

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Bressingham Gardens

Bressingham Gardens offer a wide range of perennials and plants, with totally irresistible prices appealing to gardeners.

With large acres of gardens growing these plants, the company’s online nursery service gives attention to detail, selling only high-quality perennials that perform well in harsh climates, and are always a good bet for shoppers.

This online nursery has quickly become the favorite of many gardeners, seeing that they are available all year round, and only plants which have performed well in trials in the 17-acre garden are put up for sale. Boasting an availability of rare perennials and express eco-friendly deliveries, coupled with a website that is easy to use, with filtered search requests, and a spot to hone in on your preferences, Bressingham Gardens promises a lot and delivers better.

Home Depot

Sharing many similarities with the nurseries mentioned above, Home Depot is also one of the best online nurseries on the internet. With powerful filters that enhance and aid search through a very large catalog of perennials and plants, it offers the user easy navigation and a wide range of products to choose from.

Although their physical stores are not as stocked, their online stores have many plants on sale, and their mail delivery is excellent. There is the option to return damaged plants or plants in bad conditions arising from shipping problems. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Home Depot and one which makes them outstanding is that there is always an update of the plants in store and garden, carried out regularly. The rarest, newest, and even some plants threatened by extinction can be found at Home Depot, and that is a major attraction for shoppers.

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While physical plant shopping can be fun for gardeners and plant lovers, the frustration of walking into stores and not finding the plant you need, and the less eco-friendly methods used by some regular plant shops, can be annoying.

Since perennials are one of the most sought-after plants, and many new and rare varieties might not be found in neighborhood plant shops, nurseries that offer almost perfect services are alternatives. Other nurseries are out there, but here we have listed four of the best that any plant lover can trust, all year round.