Challenge Series Book 2: WINTER

£17.99 plus P&P

Challenge Series Book 2: WINTER

Available to BUY now:

£17.99 plus P&P

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About the Book

Book two: WINTER follows the same format as book one. There is an overview of the general ethos and reasons for layouts in each chapter. You can read all about them in Book One HERE.

Then to read lots of information on the chapters for Book Two: WINTER go HERE.

Remember though, to come back to this page to purchase Book Two: WINTER 🙂

The new Book will be launched at the 2015 International BirdFair at Rutland Water.

“Last year the Challenge Series: AUTUMN was our runaway bestseller at the BIrdfair…. we ran out!”   Heather O’Connor (Office Manager & Birdwatch Bookshop) 

“Amazing, I think this is better than the first book….”  Brett Richards,  keen birder and proof-reader for Book Two: WINTER.


The Challenge Series is about…

* Discoveries in bird identification
* Tricky ID challenges made easier
* Sound files, videos and much more via QR codes
* Invitation to test new and emerging features and make your own discoveries

Softback 155 X 235 X 10 mm. 132 pages

Lots more HERE on the whole ethos and details specific to Book Two: WINTER click >>>HERE<<<


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