Bird Magazines


Birds are beautiful creatures loved by several people for many different reasons. They are warm-blooded creatures with the ability to fly. However, not all of them can fly, as some birds like the ostrich and flamingo are purely terrestrial creatures. This doesn’t change the fact that they are classified as birds as they also possess the characteristics of birds like beaks and fluffy feathers. Birds can be found in every continent, and they often prefer regions with cool and warm temperatures and climates. Most tropical islands have birds that are native to them and can only be found there. Many birds can be found in open lands, while some like parrots, robins, and sparrows are kept as pets. Most humans find the parrot very captivating and tend to keep it most of the time.

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Man’s love for birds has over the years grown in leaps and bounds. This is shown expressly with the advent of birding and bird watching. These two hobbies have been wholly embraced and taken to several levels by people in different parts of the world. Birding involves observing and carefully studying birds in their natural habitats. It began just as a mere hobby but has steadily become a serious activity as some people view it as a life calling. One major encouragement to the practice of birding is bird magazines which are dominant in Europe and most parts of America. Several numerous magazines and journals offer people the privilege and pleasure of entering into the world of birds and the different species of the bird family.

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Bird magazines ideal for birding

The act of reading constantly and having materials related to a particular subject easily accessible increases one’s desire for that subject. This theory is entirely true with birdwatching and birding as a whole. Bird magazines are a good way to preserve and promote your passion for these bird-related activities. They can also help people develop more interest in these creatures, the environment, and nature as a whole. Maintaining this desire is also why these journals are being written and published. The following are a few bird magazines that have become good friends of bird watchers:

Birds and Blooms

This magazine is written and specially created for people who love and embrace the concept of birding and also for gardeners who are in love with nature. It sits as number one on the list of America’s best bird magazines as it offers premium and top-notch content. It contains various contents that include several species of birds, where and how to find them, when to take good pictures of them and how they survive in the open. When this kind of information is taken in, it takes the love of birding enthusiasts to a whole new level.

Bird Watcher’s Digest

To true lovers of birds, this is more than a magazine. It is their guide to a blissful experience of the aviary world. This bird magazine features bird stories, accurate and enlightening articles on various bird species, their geographical locations, and ways of identifying them. It also offers captivating pictures that would lure photographers and other lovers of nature. All of these and many more are contained in every volume of the magazine to the reading pleasure of its target audience.

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Living Bird Magazine

Reading this magazine would make life more real to you, especially if you are a bird and nature lover. This is because it features stories, news, fun facts, trivia, all of which are centered on your flying feathered friends. For those genuinely concerned about the environment and birds, it offers tips and detailed lessons on ways to make your home a friendly abode to birds and also ways to help endangered and almost extinct birds in your local neighborhood. It is no wonder why it is regarded as one of the best magazines in publication.

Bird Talk Magazine

A magazine that offers a detailed description of the numerous bird species, how to easily spot them, and ways to create a bird-friendly is a perfect read for any birding enthusiast. This particular magazine offers this and even more captivating stories and pictures of these flying creatures making it an excellent choice for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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If you are in search of stories of birdwatching experiences and nature tales, well, the right place to find it is in this magazine as it offers an interactive platform where you can connect with other bird lovers and enthusiasts and share wonderful experiences. This sole feature makes it a pretty popular magazine coupled with the premium contents sealed on each page, and every volume brings a new experience.

The Birdwatching Magazine

Learning to watch birds can be exhausting, especially when you are alone with such passion. That is where this magazine comes in, making birding easier as it employs technology to bring to you the numerous birds and where you can find them in your nearby location. It is an excellent bird literature that is useful to many of people, and it comes in an online version too.


This is an avenue for bird lovers to continuously keep the passion going. It is a magazine that features exciting articles from experienced bird watchers on bird classification, stories, and facts about several bird species while providing the locations where they can be found. You will also be treated to the sight of impressive pictures taken by expert bird photographers. If you are searching for a guide on your birding path, this magazine has surely got you covered.


Nature offers so many magical experiences of which the watching of birds is one of. These journals and magazines will keep you abreast of the latest information concerning birds and their aviary world in general. This way, you can connect more with those bird-related hobbies and even take them to a professional or a more serious level.