BF Team – Dani López-Velasco

Dani López-Velasco

It’s an honour to join  Martin Garner and the Birding Frontiers Team. My name is Dani López-Velasco, and I am a 25 year old, life-long and very enthusiastic  birder, from the northwest coast of Spain. I´ve been very interested in bird ID forever!  Seabirding, gulls and rarities have been an important part of my life, the latter mainly after discovering the 3rd Desert Wheatear for Spain when I was 10, and working on the Spanish Rarities Committee since I was 18. I’m also very keen on global birding; South America being my favourite destination. I have recently qualified as a Medical Doctor and also started working as a worldwide bird guide for Birdquest. My contributions will include little known southern European bird subjects, seabirds and my global travels.

I hope you enjoy all the team member´s contributions!

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