Green-backed Wagtail heads west?

can you ID vagrants?

Mike Watson

The eastern most of the eastern flava wagtail clade is a stunner. Do they reach west? Claims have come from the Indian sub-continent of taivana. Odd similar birds have been reported as far west as France. The latter look like ‘sports’. Just odd variants of our western Yellow Wagtails.

Mike takes stunning photos anyhow so they are always worth showcasing. This wagtail was photographed at Khor Rori, Oman on 2 November 2015. It does look superficially good for taivana – the Green-backed Wagtail, with the ear coverts, breadth of the supercilium and the green mantle and nape. But sharp Oman birders have wondered about the extent of the yellow around the ear coverts thinking about the possibility of a hybrid with Citrine? Is it too extensive? Other features look OK such as concolorous mantle and nape but what about the breast (looks like a faded band there). It appears to have a vestigial breast band. Then there are some little yellow sub-ocular spots. hmmm ? What age then? 1cy?


So over to Birding Frontiers readers.

What say you?

Huge thanks to Mike Watson– his photos below


Wagtail taivana type Oman (1 of 1) Wagtail taivana type Oman 2 (1 of 1)

flava wagtail looking like a Green-backed taivana Khor Rori, Oman on 2 November 2015. Mike Watson.

4 thoughts on “Green-backed Wagtail heads west?

  1. Ian Boustead

    Superb images!
    I wonder if the yellow reaching behind the ear coverts could be indicative of a 1CY bird. I have images of another candidate, photographed at Dubai pivot fields in December 2009, but not sure how to post the images.

  2. Brett Richards

    Had a similar bird in Oman at Al Baleed on 25/11/07. This bird had no sign of a breast band, but the greyish mantle hinted even more strongly a t a Citrine hybrid.

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