Stejneger’s Stonechat already in the Western Palearctic..?

Shetland’s next birds..?

Blogging from a train bound for Shetland with Mrs G. and Mr Perlman. Rory and Will have re-found the Pechora out on the west side (THIS bird). And the PG Tips are Quendale was duff (Duff is a new word for Yoav – he didn’t get that one :). He did though notice Jari’s blog post.

Oof! Has a young female Stejneger’s Stonechat already made it to Finland by late September? Looks that way! And they have at least one if not two Blyth’s PIpit’s – only the second record for Finland in September. Wow. Read more on Jani Vastamäki’s BLOG here.

Maybe this is some of the flavour for Shetland in the next few days…

To me the plumage tones above and about the head pattern (there is some weird black staining above the eye and on crown) and especially the rump colour and very pro-Stejneger’s Stonechat and seems well away from typical maurus. I suspect it is a Stejneger’s as Yoav does and I bet Jani does.



and really early Blyth’s Pipit(s) to go with it…  Something interesting is going on for birders in Shetland me thinks. OO…that’s where we are going to be tonight! Sat in Riddington Towers supping single malt, ready for the assault tomorrow.

And can’t resist that the species are showcased in books in the Challenge Series. The Stejneger’s Stonechat in AUTUMN and the tricky Blyth’s Pipit in WINTER. Let’s hope they get further testing!



Blyth’s Pipit by Jani- very early and maybe some Shetland bound.

MORE  more on Jani Vastamäki’s BLOG here.


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