Juvenile Red-necked Stint

with the White French Manicure

well it’s one way of remembering 🙂

These rather stunning images of a juvenile Red-necked Stint were taken in eastern Mongolia by John (‘Johnny Mac’) Mcloughlin in Mongolia this month (Sept. 2015). I think they superbly capture what a more straightforward young Red-necked Stint would look like- if one should deem to reach Western Europe again.

This next week Sharon and I get to stay with one of our favourite couples. Agnes and Roger Riddington. Roger found the ONLY juvenile Red-necekd Stint known in W Europe. Unfortunately it was deceased, on Fair Ilse

Time for a live one, and it helps me to remember that the white tips to the scapulars (and little mantle feathers) are vivid in thickness and pattern and sort of remind me of a White French Manicure

What will you remember?

Red necked Stint JM1 (1 of 1) Red necked Stint JM3 (1 of 1)

Compare with the recent grey Little Stint, which still looked scary among its congeners, but not really quite like this bird.





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