Invasion of Red-footed Falcons in Bonkers Numbers

In Poland- and some questions…

See the video- only 15 seconds long but the numbers are incredible!

Lukasz Lawicki


immediate update: 9th September 2014.

New amazing news: in Poland, more than 1,500 birds (!), and further
about 500 in other Baltic countries (Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Finland,
Germany, Denmark). Amazing! I wonder how many of them will reach to the western Europe. See on the photos from Poland HERE.


I am very curious if in countries in western and northern Europe in the
last week reported influx of Red-footed Falcons Falco vespertinus?

In Poland during the last week has been a very large invasion of this
species – at least 650 birds (now over 1500) were recorded, including 330 (!) birds at
one roost site near Lublin (SE Poland). See:

Of course, it is the largest ever invasion of Red-footed Falcons in
Poland (and still going!).

Perhaps it has to do with weather conditions – probably it is a result
of the high-pressure area, which in recent days pushed to Poland the
warm air from the SE Europe.

Probably most of these birds come from breeding grounds in south-eastern
part of continent (eg, from Ukraine or from a large population in
Hungary), but it is worth noting that one juvenile bird with Italian
ring (blue plastic) was photographed in NW Poland.

I would be grateful for information on whether in your country is also
now more Red-footed Falcons?



West-Pomeranian Nature Society, Poland.


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