Common Swift

Common Swift  about to enter its nest.

Recently I made a trip to Hornsea to hopefully see some of the reported Little gulls on the mere, a few distant birds where present and after scoping them i thought i would head for the seafront for a spot of seawatching which was quiet to say the least. so my attentions turned to the local Swifts and wondered if i could manage to Digiscope them thease are my best efforts.

Common Swift

Common Swift

A few days later i paid a visit to my local reserve Hatfield  Moors NNR birds of interest were in short supply, but there were lots of Damselflys hawking around just in front of the Boston park hide. my next challenge.

Common Blue damselfly

Common Blue damselfly coming in to Land!!

Common blue Damselfly's

Common blue Damselfly’s




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