Siberian Lesser Whitethroat in Sheffield

Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (blythi) 

551684_229118147197285_1266715587_nHooray for garden Birdwatchers!

Another January rare bid was found credit to a Sheffield couple caring for and enjoying their wintering garden birds.

First noted on 14th Jan visiting feeders in a private garden in suburban Sheffield. The owners were intrigued.

LesserWhitethroat blythi sheffield

Suspected of being one of the ‘eastern’ races, permission was received from BTO to attempt to ring the bird, and its liking for mealworms meant the first attempt by Sorby Breck ringers on 2nd Feb was successful. A couple of body feathers dislodged during processing, and these were collected and sent to Dr Martin Collinson for dna analysis.

The results have recently become available, and confirm the bird to be of the blythi subspecies, aka ‘Siberian Lesser Whitethroat’, details as follows:

  “Genetically it falls into the blythi clade, only 3 bp (base pairs) different from sequences of birds assigned to blythi from Kazakhstan, and 3-11 bp different from other blythi from across SE Russia.“

The Siberian Lesser Whitethroat also features on the >>> SBSG Facebook page <<< together with their other big news:

New bird, new BOOK

The new bird for the Sheffield area co-coincides with a new book in the same month! Fantastic team of dedicated birders, this is patch watching extreme!

Breeding Birds of The Sheffield Area, including the north-east Peak District – published January 2014

Atlas cover smaller

Available here. Review on Birding Frontiers coming soon.

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