BOOM! Hudsonian Whimbrel in Israel

nr Ma’agan Michael

SENSATIONAL! Now that’s a long way from home!

Found yesterday, 6th February 2014. Yoav the Perlman got in touch yesterday to say a dark-rumped Whimbrel had been seen, during the day, at Nakhsholim beach, Carmel coast. One might expect the east Asian variegatus to be the more likely choice. However I think, gut reaction, it is hudsonicus with that lovely buffy ground colour to underwing and flanks – flanks should be bit more barred and underwing and flanks should be whiter for variegatus and the back is wholly dark (usually some white on variegatus)– plus nice big whiter supercilium. Adult like feathers over upperparts but would need to look into aging more.

Flippin’ well done Rei and Tuvia Khan. Let the superb photos of Rei Segali do the talking.


!cid_ii_1440b8db8ee14236!cid_ii_1440b8e09c615672!cid_ii_1440b8ea5a6ded93all photos Rei Segali, 6th Feb. 2014, Nakhsholim beach, Carmel coast, Israel


4 thoughts on “BOOM! Hudsonian Whimbrel in Israel

    1. Ian Fisher

      Why is the curlew orientalis? Is that the race they commonly get in Israel? Deffo hudsonicus in my opinion. Nice find.

  1. tuvia kahn

    Martin Thanks for the compliment!
    Must say that since the beginning we thought it is the American type.
    After we checked it with Rami Mizrachi and Eyal Shohat Top Israel birdrs.


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