Ivory Gull

At Last!

Ivory Gull g juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013

1986.  I hitched from London all the way to Saltbourne, Cleveland, only to dip on the juvenile Ivory Gull that had been present for several days.  It was beautiful, wild, northerly gale kind of weather.  But there was no super-padded high Arctic meat-eater.  I missed chances to try for others until just over a week ago and once again I dipped on the 2 Ivory Gulls in Northumberland.  Third time lucky?  On hearing that Geoff Dobbs had found a juvenile Ivory Gull I planned with Brett Richards to head off early in the morning. Then I remembered we had a bag full of fish caught on a Minke Whale pelagic off Whitby last summer.

Bit of video of bird at breakfast table:


On arriving first thing this morning (16th Dec, 2013), we soon found the spot where it had been seen and didn’t feel very optimistic with the vast Humber in front of us.  I laid out a few fish in what seemed like ridiculous optimism.  Only about 20 minutes later, Graham Catley signaled a ‘Get on this’ at probably about a mile away an all white looking Gull was flying towards us.  Then it did the unbelievable.  Coming closer and closer and closer, until over our heads, it circled 2 or 3 times and dropped straight onto our little supply of fish and for the next 45 minutes we all sat spell-bound.  BOOM!

Ivory Gull j juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Ivory Gull n juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Ivory Gull b juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Ivory Gull m juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Ivory Gull p juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Ivory Gull c juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013Pat havenincongruous setttingthe boys with the birdtableBrett and Dave show-off the make shift dinner table in slightly incongruous setting!

Ivory Gull i juv Patrington Haven 16.12.2013don’t think we need any DNA for the identification …

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  1. Benjamin Dover

    Doesn’t putting out fish for the bird constitute human assistance???? After all were it not for your actions the bird would not be there.


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