Wood and Green Sandpipers

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Thornwick Pool, Flamborough is a conservation site, the result of collaboration between the caravan park owner and a  few keen local birders FBO, YCN and GFB. It’s a chance to create a special wee wetland. Still in infancy a trickle of migrating waders has begun to show up. With a few Dunlin on/off in last week or so, yesterday the game went up  a notch with a young Wood Sandpiper and 2 juvenile Green Sandpipers. Mostly in a corner giving fine ‘scope views but too far for a DSLR camera except when the 2 Green Sands came close up outside the new hide. So I thought I would see what digiscoping could capture and compare: the sandpipers were photographed yesterday evening in rather grey, sub-optimal light conditions

Green Sandpiper Thormwick Pool 21.7.13

Green Sandpiper  2Thormwick Pool 21.7.13(above). 2 juvenile Green Sandpipers, Thornwick Pool, Flamborough, 21 July 2013. The lower photo shows the bird calling, in seeming- ‘lets get migrating’ rally call. Shortly after both took off and flew south over the headland. Taken with DSLR kit: Canon &D and 400 f5.6 lens.

wood sandpiper 7dJuvenile Wood Sandpiper (above). Just visible in centre of  uncropped photo: Thornwick Pool, Flamborough, 21 July 2013. Canon 7D and 400 f5.6 lens

wood sand 2Juvenile Wood Sandpiper (above). Thornwick Pool, Flamborough, 21 July 2013. Digiscoped shot on poor light. canon S95 through Swarovski ATX 95. OK but still distant and poor light kept me from getting much more magnification as bird constantly moving hence slow speed and blurry photos.

This is why I love what can be done with video and digiscoping. Poor light but nevertheless a very acceptable burst of footage. Normal better on VIMEO it’s not workin’ so have put on Youtube.

Dunlin mid July 13

Adult Dunlin also from the hide a few days ago. rather long-billed suggesting nominate ssp. alpina, however the upperparts pattern (and timing) were perhaps more in accordance with shinzii. Perhaps wont’ push too hard with this one.

Background interest

odd ball Herring Gulls Flam head july 13Pair of Herring Gulls, which ‘live’ right near the seawatch point on outer head, Flamborough. Curiously one has dark left iris and normal paler right iris, and the other is couple shades darker (most obvious in overcast, flat light).

Common Scoter off head 22.7.13From seawatch spot. I have and will be experimenting with what images can be obtained of fly-by seabirds. Some Common Scoter from this morning.

3 thoughts on “Wood and Green Sandpipers

  1. Steve Addinall

    Hi Martin,
    For a while I experimented with a cheap video camera mounted beside my scope during sea-watching. The camera had a remarkable 70x zoom and the key was getting the camera and scope focused on the same point before starting (then not knocking it afterwards). I did manage to get nice-ish video of a Blue Fulmar from Whitburn – http://youtu.be/AHh5RpmWuHQ and a few films of divers, ducks etc (also,available on my uTube channel). but have given up for the moment until I can come up with a more robust setup. The final straw was getting apparently crippling footage of an adult Pom with spoons only to find out that I had left the lens cap on!

  2. Gunnar Numme

    Hi Martin,
    It would be very interesting to read about your future experience on digi-scoping and seabirds! …in a not too distant future I hope.


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