DNA of Kent Eastern Black Redstart

If bird poo can…?

…it’s looking good! Martin Collinson has done the first round of analysis. These is more to come but the initial results on DNA analysis of the Kent bird from November 2011 are stated by Martin as:

“We got the first results through today and it is most similar to database DNA sequences from China.  We’re going to do a bit more work but at least we can confirm that genetically it was a bird of the P. o. phoenicuroides subspecies group.”

1st winter male Eastern Black Redstart, Margate, Kent, November 2011 © Mark Rayment.

One thought on “DNA of Kent Eastern Black Redstart

  1. Magnus Hellström

    Thanks Martin, interesting! Please keep us posted if there are any updates regarding the Kent bird! We have collected feathers from one of the (eight or nine) Swedish birds seen during the last months. Will be analysed in due time.
    Cheers /Magnus


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