Iceland and Caspian Gulls- together

Nice combo!

On the shoreline at Stubbers Green. Preening 3rd winter Iceland Gull (left) and adult Caspian Gull just along shoreline to its right. Not sure I have seen that before.

and the 3 adult Caspian Gulls

Here photos of the 3 different adults in the Stubbers area. I am pretty confident now I was fortunate to see all 3 on 26th Jan (big male in flight over the tip). Plenty to look out for in the area.

Number one: The BIG beefy one (long legs and little black bill marks). This one I understand has been regularly seen in the area.

Number two. Proper black bill band- lovely head and bill shape. A big one as well. Have only seen this one once.

Number three: smaller (female ?) with no black bill marks. Seen this one a couple of times


This is the big (male) in flight. Bird number one.

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