wing formula – Eastern Black Redstart

Close ups:

With some discussion on the wing formula etc of the recent Eastern Black Redstart on Holy Island, here’s a quick blog post with a couple of photos showing what seems to me to be emargination on p6.  This seems right for ‘phoenicuroides‘.

Brilliant pics thanks to Tris!

1st winter male Eastern Black Redstart, Holy Island, Northumberland, 21.11.2011 © Tristan Reid.

3 thoughts on “wing formula – Eastern Black Redstart

    1. Martin Garner

      Hi Clive

      Yep I think it may be as Brett suggests. Primary numbering IS confusing but I followed the primary numbering as used in the definitive Dutch Birding article on Eastern Black reds. p1 is little outermost primary and p10 inner next to secondaries. p3 and p4 are hard to define in Tristan’s photo as one overlies the other and they form the wing point


  1. Brett Richards

    Hi Clive

    I think you are numbering the primaries descendantly, whereas Martin is numbering them ascendantly. So Martin’s P6 is your P5, and Martin’s P5 is your P6.



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