Stejneger’s Scoter – Norway

1st summer male- Varanger!!!

Just over a month ago I was envisioning the guys in Vardø, – they should get Stejneger’s Scoter. Early this morning only 15 minutes north of Vardø, at Persfjordena, Varanger a first summer male ‘White-winged type’ Scoter was found by birder, Tor Olsen and some other guys.

I think they are still discussing the ID in terms of is it deglandi/ stejnegeri. To me in the photos it looks a straightforward Stejneger’s Scoter. Tormod says there is pale at bill tip and age look like a 1st summer (2nd cal yr) male. Great comparison with the Aberdeen White-winged Scoter.

The above photos by Morten Kersbergen  and below by Tormod Amundsen. Thanks also to Knut-Sverre Horn . Cheers guys- great bird for Varanger!

One thought on “Stejneger’s Scoter – Norway

  1. Tor Olsen

    The bird is certainly a 2nd cal. female. Field obs led my to believe it had a pale/yellow bill tip, but according to the pictures this is not correct.


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