Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Devon

Rarer than a Citrine

Steve Waite send photos yesterday of this ‘grey and white’ flava Wagtail. The bird was found by his  fellow patch birder Phil Abbott yesterday morning at Colyford water treatment works. Still present this morning.

Is it an Eastern?

Have to say it looks good to me. What I see besides the lovely cold toned, monochrome plumage is weak supercilium and rather solid ear coverts and interesting dark supraloral mark. All good for Eastern.  Just need to hear it call a few times and record it!

See what you think.

P.S. I am pretty sure they are a fair bit rarer than Citrine Wagtail. I would be keen to see it, and especially hear it, if I lived a little nearer.

All photos by Steve Waite at Colyford Water Treatment Works, 4th December 2010



2 thoughts on “Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Devon

  1. Matt Slaymaker

    interesting to hear ‘weak super’ as a field mark … saw lots of wintering tschutschensis when I was living in Broome, NW Australia and was often struck by how bold the face markings were, birds like this one were not uncommon…


    interesting bird … hoping to get down there and have a look (and listen!) at the weekend

    1. Martin Garner

      Hi Matt

      a number of seemingly ‘good’ eastern flava (on plumage and call) have had weaker supercilium- the kind you get on females etc of darker headed taxa, like thunbergi. The considerable range of eastern birds does include darker headed taxa so I guess you could get more or less obvious supercilium- though much to learn



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