Different Types of Birds


Living organisms are categorized into both vertebrates and non-vertebrates. In the invertebrates category, we have amphibians, reptiles, birds, and a lot more. Birds existing as a remarkable role of our nature distinguished by feathers, a beak with no teeth retaining a metabolic rate, laying hard-shelled eggs. They possess a four-chambered heart, with various weights of birds, they are endowed with an active skeleton. Varieties of birds can be scrutinized as a hobby, and several people take it greatly. Take a glance at the spectrum of gorgeous birds to list that we might or might not know of. See also reference

Birds are a part of our normal eco-system and support in many processes, such as pollination that aid plants grow. Several categories of birds can be categorized based on size, weight, characteristics, etc. Birds are warm-blooded with wonderful feathers, wings, and lay eggs. Various scientists speculate theropodous dinosaurs are the ones from where birds developed and have 10000 variety of birds worldwide. Each year 20% of birds migrate over extended distances.

Types of Invertebrates according to Species.


In this list of birds, the toucan is one of the gorgeous critter birds which relates to a family of Ramphastidae. This family is very pertinent to American barbets. The name of this bird is from the Portuguese. Toucans mass spans between 130grams -680grams, and its length stay between 11.5 inches to 30 inches. Their bodies are short, size is identical to the crow. Its tail is round and differs in length to the whole body. Its wings are little, and the neck is large and short. These birds wander just small distances as they are birds that dwell in the forest. Its tongue differs from 14-15 cm, which is a skinny and grey colour. It discerns the taste and is susceptible to it. Toucans reside in subtropical and equatorial areas and are aboriginal of Central America, Southern Mexico, the northern part of the Caribbean area and South America. As they are arboreal, they lay/produces white eggs from 2-21. These are normally launched in pairs.

Toucans are omnivores, and their prey comprises fruits, insects, and small lizards.

King Fisher

Kingfisher pertains to a family of Alcedinidae and possesses three other families like Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, and Cerylidae. This gorgeous bird belongs to the clans that comprise rivers, trees, and water kingfishers. There are about 90 varieties of kingfishers.

Kingfisher amasses a large head, sharp, long, and pointed bills with short legs and stubby tails. Most of the variety have plumage with discrepancies in their sexes. These are primarily seen in forests in tropical areas. They naturally feed on fish and a wide spectrum of prey. They love to reside near rivers to devour fish. Their nest will be in cavities; tunnels dug into artificial banks in the ground. A quarter of kingfishers resides in new termite nests.

They normally possess short legs with four toes, out of which three points in the onward direction. These are carnivores, and their prey comprises fish, reptiles, and frogs, etc. Their eggs are consistently white and shiny. The clutch size differs between the variety. Each clutch has two eggs. Occasionally they lay ten and an average of 3-6 eggs. Gestation is worked both male and female. Offspring live with their parents until 3-4 months. Their prey is principally insects, dragonflies, and bees,


Swift is the property of a family of Apodidae of highly aerial birds. Tree swifts are very pertinent to true swifts. This family is originated from Greek, which indicates footless. These are flying birds and are the quickest fliers and flies about 169 km/h. General swift can cover at least 200,000 km in a sole year. Swift has huge wingtip bones. See also for more

They possess the flexibility of altering their angle between wingtip bones and forelimbs to modify the shape and region by maximizing their capabilities and manoeuvrability. The birds even twirl their wings from the base. They reside on all landmasses, majorly on aquatic islands. They weigh from 5.4 g- 184 g and estimate from 9 cm- 25 cm. in length. The nests of these birds are fastened to an upright surface with saliva. Eggs hatch after 19-23 days and vacate within six to eight weeks. Both parents produce these birds.


In the categories of pet birds, a parrot is one. The scientific title of the parrot is Psittaciformes. They relate to a family of Psittacopasserae. These are largely seen in subtropical and equatorial regions. There is about 372 variety in existence in 86 generals. Their size ranges from 3.5 to 40 inches and a quantity of about 2.25 to 56 ounces. These birds reside in groups called flocks, and every community comprises about 20 -30 birds.

They are omnivores, signifying they feed on nuts, fruit, and insects, etc. The clasps of parrot comprise only two eggs, and the pregnancy period is nearly 15-30 days. A nascent parrot is sightless for the first two weeks. A chick comes to be mature only by 1- 4 years, hinging on species. The lifespan of a parrot differs from 50- 95 years.


Doves and pigeons are household members of Columbidae. There are about 310 variety of doves vacant. These are deemed as badges of love. They weigh about 900 g-2.1 kg. The size of their body rambles for adult male 55 cm, 70 cm for western crowned pigeon, and 13-15 cm for the dwarf. The holding size is nearly only 1. Its prey comprises seed or fruit. They reside mainly in equatorial nature and forests and are adaptable to any environment. Both parents carry the pregnancy. Male birds create woo-hoo sounds to reveal they are single. Check more reference


Rallidae pertains to a sophisticated family of small to medium-sized birds. This family comprises crakes, gallinules, and coots. These are mainly seen in the terrestrial environment. These are particularly fond of thick vegetation. Their distance of the body is from 12 cm to 63 cm, and quantity is about 20 g to 3000 g. These possess lengthy necks, and they subsequently become reduced. These are flightless during the molt duration. They lay about 5 to 10 eggs moult possess about 15 eggs.

They rely on their parents for approximately one month.


The very numerous various species of birds attest to how luxurious our ecology is. The bird’s list above comprises all categories of birds that we recognize and don’t know of. Some of the various types of birds with images and names which we will provide will allow you to scrutinize and learn and know more about them.