Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Review


Birdwatching is a highly interesting and intriguing activity. It can be even more when the watcher has a gadget designed to give optimum satisfaction without cutting holes into your pockets.

Designed by Celestron, Nature DX 8×42 binoculars were built to bridge top-quality performance with pocket friendliness. Although several binoculars might provide better performance in professional use, Nature DX 8×42 comes closest in balancing good quality with affordability.

Celestron Nature DX 8 ×42

Rated by top websites as one of the best binoculars in its class, Celestron’s Nature DX 8×42 is enhanced with several great features that make it a top draw among binoculars suited for beginner birders. It is quite enjoyable to use, promising a beautiful view of birds, well detailed.

Professional binoculars produced by high-flying brands like Nikon may give a better experience, no doubt, but their price range will certainly be beyond the reach of students, beginners, and ordinary bird lovers. While there are a host of affordable binoculars, the reduction in quality and low performance they offer is a let-down.

The Nature DX 8×42 solves this difficulty and provides top drawer quality and is priced starting at $120. A bit underpriced, according to experts.


The Nature DX 8×42 named the top binoculars under $200 by the Audubon Magazine in its binocular guide, published in 2016, was built for the perfect outdoor experience. Highly mobile, the DX 8×42 can easily fit in large pocket compartments or boxes and give no worries of possible damage due to its rubber armor casing. It weighs perfect for strapping on the neck and comes with a neck strap accessory. It also boasts eyecups that support multiple eye positions.

Novice birders and bird lovers with little or no experience will find Nature DX 8×42 easy to use, and its bright and clear views are worth falling in love with. DX 8×42 makes bird watching live up to its promise of being delightful.

Hard to crack, built for outdoor activities, birders will have little to worry about in terms of damage by accidentally falling into water or views being distorted by fog because Nature DX 8×42 was built to withstand and offer protection from the elements.


Durability: Armoured by high-quality rubber and polycarbonate covering, Nature DX 8×42 weighs less and has adequate protection against all manner of damage.

Advanced optics: BaK-4 prisms, of the very best quality, phase coated, along with multilayered lenses to maximize light entry, makes DX 8×42 produce bright and clear, high-resolution views, even in extreme low light conditions, giving the viewer a wonderful experience.

Damage Protection: Purged of nitrogen to enhance fog proof and protected by a waterproof outer casing to preserve the optimal conditions within the binoculars in case of water incidents or harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for beginners: Amateur bird watchers and bird lovers can easily get a top drawer experience, with little or no professional knowledge of birdwatching, using Celestron’s Nature DX 8×42.


Handy and lightweight.

Affordable at no expense to quality.

High performance.

Damage protection.

Eyeglass support.



Better suited to beginner birders than advanced and highly professional birders.


Q: Can Nature DX 8×42 be used with eyeglasses?

A: Yes, it can. The eyecups are adjustable, with several stops. For proper eye positioning, they should be twisted up or down.

Q: Can it be used in low light?

A: DX 8×42 supports low light conditions as it is equipped with lenses enhanced by multicasting to permit the optimal transmission of light along the optical axis.

Q: What is the magnification limit?

A: Up to 8x magnification, hence the name Nature DX 8×42.

Q: Can it be used by newbies?

A: The Nature DX 8×42 was designed primarily for beginners and amateur bird lovers. Spend less, get more value for money, and everyone is happy in the end.


Celestron’s Nature DX 8×42 is, by many standards, the best binoculars priced under two hundred dollars. While there is a little promise of being economical, it boasts of high quality features and provides premium satisfaction to its users.

There are so many great customer reviews of this product on online retail stores, further testament to the quality of the product. It is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to have a great experience in bird watching.