Birds Of Illinois


Long ago, before the world became developed, most of the regions were just plain lands and fields for animals to roam. Over the years, even with the growth in the population of humans, these animals still recognize these areas as places of comfort and origin. Several animals are native to certain places, birds included. This is because the ecological factors of a particular habitat or environment determine the survival rate of the organism there. Birds have not left out in this theory also. Some birds can only survive in regions with warm and temperate climates, while others prefer the icy lands in the Alpine region and the North Pole.

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This is a huge concern for birders who travel far and wide in search of new species of birds as regions with high bird presence would attract more bird watchers. Several American states play the perfect host to various species of birds, including the rare ones. Quite notable among these states is the state of Illinois. The sight of several birds flying, cooing, and roaming the airspace is a common one to the inhabitants of this region. Many bird species are therefore found in this American state.

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Ecological description of Illinois

The Prairie state, as it is also referred to as lies in the Mid-western region of the United States with a population of about twelve million people, making it the state with the sixth-largest population. It contributes a major portion to the American economy, with Chicago, its main city, is a hub for many small businesses. It also has high agricultural productivity and numerous agro-related enterprises making it a very strategic state. Its insignia testifies of the different animal classes that call the region home.

The state of Illinois stands proudly as a rich state full of several natural resources, wildlife terrains, and a host of biological diversities. Nature lovers would be glad to know that this region is home to about fifty-eight mammal species, three hundred and eighty-three birds, both migrant and resident, one hundred and four species of both reptiles and amphibians, and over one hundred and seventy-four different species of fish.

Insects and other related species present in this state are over twenty-seven thousand.

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Illinois ranks high among the top spots for birding in America as it boasts of a relatively large bird species population. A number of these birds are all-year residents, while the others are migrants who often frequent the region. It is now a known fact that most birds featured in several bird magazines are natives to this region which is why it is immensely popular with birders and lovers of the aviary world.

Birds native to Illinois

According to research, there are about four hundred and fifty different species of birds living in Illinois, some of which are frequent migrating visitors. Most of these birds exist freely in the wild, while some are kept as birds. Due to the number of bird species resident in this region, it is safe to say that the environment widely supports birdlife and health. Some of the species of bird found in Illinois include Northern cardinal, American robin, snow goose, Canada goose, Inca dove, brown pelican, belted kingfisher, American kestrel, Prairie falcon, and many more.

Northern cardinal

This bird species which is iconic to the state of Illinois, is a fairly large songbird with a short tail and usually brightly colored. This breed of birds tends to perch on low trees, shrubs and build nests in dense vegetation and shrubs. They are commonly found in parks, edges of forests, backyards, and places with low-growing vegetation. They are social beings as they mostly fly around in pairs. Most birders usually enjoy watching these birds and are attracted to their bright colors.

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American robin

There is no way a birder can miss the sight of this friendly bird when in Illinois as they are residents all through the year. They are songbirds quite known for their musical ability. These birds are regarded as being friendly as they are active in the day, and they tend to gather together at night, in a little way like humans. These flying creatures feed on earthworms, caterpillars, fruits, and sometimes berries. It is a common thing for their songs to wake you up at dawn and keep you intrigued as they sing in a particularly intricate manner. This greatly catches the interest of birders, who like to tell birds apart according to how they sound.

Snow goose

This bird which is also called blue goose, is native to North America as a whole. It usually appears in two colors which are white and deep shades of blue. These birds are very social animals and can be loud as their sounds can be heard over a mile away. They are migratory beings and so do not stay in a single location. They can also fly as far as to the isles of Great Britain, where they can nest for a while. A large number of them are, however, predominantly found in Illinois, where they graze in open fields.

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Inca dove

Birders particularly love this species because of its slender body, which usually is gray-brown with feathers that form a scaled pattern. This bird is also known to adapt to towns and urban centers where they feed on grass seeds.

Brown pelican

This popular member of the pelican family feeds by diving into the water, a sight that birders can find exciting. The birds’ diet consists of mostly fishes and sometimes small amphibians and crustaceans. They are aquatic birds that prefer shallow waters and so are found in marshes and bays, but rarely in open seas.


The different species of birds are numerous, and for bird enthusiasts, this region is considered a premium site for birding. Birds are beautiful creatures and for an area to be so hugely populated with them is a blessing.