Birds Of Ohio


Centuries ago, the world was filled with animals in very large proportions. It can be easily said that there were more animals than humans during those times. This was due to the numerous forests, woods, and green places in the world then. The evolution and development of man brought about drastic changes, which ultimately caused several animals to go extinct as their habitats were destroyed.

Today, wildlife conservation is a significant subject of concern in many regions of the world. Animals are now being regarded and respected as several disciplines have been dedicated to studying certain animals. Since animals are encouraged to live and reproduce, their numbers are gradually increasing, thereby making them native to certain regions where they are formed in huge numbers.

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Birds can be found in different regions of the world, but some species can only be found in particular geographical areas. These birds are highly regarded and referred to as natives of such an area. Native birds and their region of nativity is information most birders cherish and would pay for as it allows them to see such birds. The art of birding is steadily becoming a popular one, especially in Europe and North America. Most of the states that make up the United States of America have been blessed with a large population of different bird species. Like other states in the Midwest, Ohio is also a great birding destination.

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Ecological Overview of Ohio

The Buckeye state has it is historically known to have a population of over eleven million people, making it the seventh most populous state in America. This state which got its name from the Ohio River, is a purely industrial state with several manufacturing companies present in it and is also the second-largest automobile producer. Geographically, Ohio is located strategically bordered by several cities and states, and this has significantly contributed to the economic status of the state. This state can be described as one of the industrial hubs of the United States as almost all the revenues generated by the state are from different manufacturing industries.

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Wildlife existence and presence in Ohio are widely encouraged due to the diverse biological and physical ecosystems in the state. This results in the vast population of different animal species thriving in the region. Several birds also are natives of this American state. It is very important to note the industrial nature of the state has not robbed it of its rich natural resources, which is a commendable situation.

Birds found in Ohio

Birdwatching in Ohio can be a memorable experience as there are many bird species to see and observe. The natural environment of the state exceptionally favors the members of the aviary world. Ornithologists would have a field day in Ohio as urban development has not chased these creatures away. There are about for hundred and thirty-three species of birds that can be found in Ohio. Some of them can be seen all year round, while others are primarily seasonal. Birds native to Ohio are Tundra swan, Northern bobwhite, red-shouldered hawk, pileated woodpecker, Carolina wren, hooded warbler, surf scoter, Bufflehead, common ground dove, and the passenger pigeon.

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Tundra swan

These very large waterfowls are strictly indigenous and native to Ohio and are often confused with other introduced swans. They are migratory birds who travel in flocks and groups and are very loud animals as their sounds usually announce their presence. These beautiful birds usually occupy shallow bodies of water like rivers, ponds, and lakes with a diet that primarily contains aquatic plants and vegetation. Birders find them particularly interesting to watch, especially when feeding, as they often put their heads in water in search of plants underwater. Growing grass on open fields can also serve as a source of their nutrition. They are also frequent visitors of the state of Ohio.

Northern bobwhite

This very common bird species is one of the numerous members of the quail family. Initially, these birds had a high population but their numbers have drastically reduced as a result of human activities. They are largely terrestrial beings as they stay close to the ground.

Most birders would agree that they are frequently seen and can be easily identified and recognized in North America. These ground dwellers are found all around the year in open natural grasslands and fields.

Novice birders might find it hard to spot these birds as they can be very shy, staying away from human eyes and often feeding on plant material and small invertebrates.

Red-shouldered hawk

This medium-sized hawk is a permanent resident of its home regions, where it is often seen. It is a beautiful raptor that is sometimes confused with the red-tailed hawk, but the latter is heavier and bulkier. This bird is not restricted to forest areas alone, as they can be found in suburban areas and people-occupied areas. This predator feeds on small birds of prey, especially in cold seasons. Sights of this raptor are very common in Ohio as it houses a good number of them.

Pileated woodpecker

They are very large species of woodpeckers and are mostly black. They are another indigenous bird of Ohio commonly found in forested areas. Most of these birds feed mainly on insects, but they also eat nuts, fruits, and berries.

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Carolina wren

This small bird usually resides in dense covers in forests, wood edges, and suburban areas. They often stay out of sight and are always on the move. These tiny birds sing all through the year and can burst into songs at any time of the day. Birders think of sighting these birds as a sort of achievement.


Most of the birds found in Ohio are mostly visitors and migrators, but some are permanent residents. Bird enthusiasts are promised a nice and exciting time whenever they visit Ohio.