Monteiro’s Petrel and Pelagic Birding off the Azores

By Peter Alfrey and Richard Bonser The nine Azorean islands straggle 370 miles of the deep Atlantic, thrusting up from the deep oceanic depths as some of the tallest mountains on earth. The surrounding ocean, through its subsequent varied topography and numerous upwellings, provides rich feeding grounds for migrant seabirds as well as an Azorean […]

Fea’s Petrel

‘nough said Picked up by Andy Malley and  Brett Richards most of the ensemble at Flamborough were delighted. Thanks guys. I rushed off to find signal in the hope that those further north would score too. The resulting communications via social media and ‘twitches’ to watchpoints along the east coast meant the wheeling pterodroma was recorded at […]

Swinhoe’s Petrel – another much closer!

Off Lanzarote Pelagics Got a lovely note from my Spanish friends who are always a great encouragement. They got  close Swinhoe’s Petrel coming in to the chum 2 days ago (12th September) in the Banco de la Concepción area, north of Lanzarote . Do you remember we had one though more distant and no photos, 2 years […]

Cahow (Bermuda Petrel) what chance of seeing one off Ireland?

Cahows – Hope Springs Eternal Paul Moore   It shouldn’t have come as a major surprise really , in recent years there has been a growing tendency  for the accessibility of rarities in Ireland to be in inverse proportion to their status; generally the rarer they are, the harder they have been to see. Kinglet, […]

Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds: Pterodroma Petrels – Book review

by Dani Lopez-Velasco Pterodroma Petrels: Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds by Bob Flood & Ashley Fisher If I were asked to describe the new Pterodroma guide in just a few words, it would be simple: It´s an extraordinary piece of work that, amazingly, has even surpassed the impressive quality of the previous Multimedia Identification […]

White-faced Storm Petrel: Juvenile plumage

Rarely photographed by Martin G. One of the less headline making observations on our Lazararote pelagic in August was of the first apparent JUVENILE White-face Storm Petrel seen on these trips. Do you remember when they were called the mythical sounding ‘Frigate Petrel’? It was alongside a worn adult type and both fed in-between our 2 […]

British Storm Petrel

South Landing, Flamborough Sometime humans go all nocturnal in order to see nature that only comes out at night. Night before last (20th-21st July) was a very well organised such event. The YWT’s Living Seas Centre -where a certain lovely (so says her dad) Abigail Garner works 🙂 – hosted the event in collaboration with […]