Red-footed Falcons, Rollers and Bee-eaters

‘Plains Birding’. Day 2 of our Hungary tour with Swarovski majored on the wonderfully bright and colourful. It was possible to stand in one spot and see all of the species featured below. The Red-footed Falcons were especially a treat. Lots of them hawking in skies above and perched out. This is where I dived back in, to the world of digiscoping.
New Digiscoping Gizmo + Possibilities

Already bowled over by the new modular ATX ‘scopes (especially the big 95mm momma), and considering myself, thus far, a ‘failed’ digiscoper (thankfully Paul Hackett never gives up on me!) I was most intrigued by this new gizmo:

I like using a DSLR camera. I knew my 7D (Canon) had great video function, but I was never going to digiscope with it. Because I am chiefly a birder. It would have meant taking the eyepiece off my ‘scope. Not going to happen. With the new gizmo you leave the eyepiece on your scope (hooray!) and just replace your camera lens with this mini- digiscoping lens; chuck it over the scope and off you go.

DSLR camera now attached to ‘scope for pics and video. Easily removed to carry on using ‘scope.

The photos and video below all taken using the TLS APO and new ATX/STX ‘scopes. My first effort below:

Adult male Red-footed Falcon, Hungary, June 2012. by Martin Garner. Can you see the green bush cricket in the talons? Not bad but I still need some training…

Have a look at this video. Go to full screen mode- bit windy and definitely gory but incredible detail:

………female Red-footed Falcon video, Hungary, June 2012 by Jörg Kretzschmar

Gives an idea of how it looks: TLS APO digiscoping adaptor (with DSLR camera) being attached to 95mm ATX

Roller, Hungary, June 2012 by Dale Forbes

again go to full screen mode:

………..Roller video, Hungary, June 2012 by Dale Forbes

Roller close-up. Hungary, June 2012. Digiscoped with the new stuff. Pretty remarkable detail. By Jörg Kretzschmar

Tim Appleton tries out the new set-up with the TLS APO while ‘Plains Birding’ in the land of colourful birds.

Bee-eaters, Hungary, June 2012 by Dale Forbes

Click on this to see and hear the sounds: in Full Screen mode can you see the little ant running around beneath the Bee-eater?

……….Bee-eater video, Hungary, June 2012 by Dale Forbes

All those wonderful exotic birds overhead and Dominic M goes and find some cute n fluffy’s. They are watching 2 baby Long-eared Owls.

…………….baby Long-eared Owl, Hungary, June 2012 by Jeff Gordon.

More reviews of new Swarovski stuff

Jeff’s Gordon’s on the ABA blog here

Gus Axelson on Cornell blog here

Corey Finger on 10,000 birds here

Birdwatch (Dominic Mitchell) here

and if you don’t understand a word I have said this video with Clay and Dale explains it with much greater clarity…

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4 Responses to Swarovski ATX and Digiscoping

Mark Reeder says:
July 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Okay I’m convinced now to decide which kidney to sell….
Martin Garner says:
July 23, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Mr Reeder very good ya maka me laugh…

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Robert Stalnaker says:
February 13, 2013 at 11:30 am

I have all the gear but there are no instructions on how to connect the multiple parts inside the box. I mean zero. I paid $4500 for the 95 and for the APO and not one word of instructions. THis website offers nothing onhow to get it set up. A youtube video shows how to set up a STX but not the ATX.