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Frontier Birding Israel style

Still haven’t purchased a proper sound-recording system, but with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) I manage to get semi-decent recordings of close birds.

Here are some of my adventures in recent weeks:

On February 9th I had a picnic with my family in a small wood behind my house, which is at Nir Moshe, in the northern Negev. I heard the familiar call of a Hume’s Warbler – ‘chu-wit’. The bird was calling really intensively, but I was unable to see the bird. I did get this recording which enabled me to identify the bird without seeing it. However a few days later I managed to ring the bird.


A couple of weeks earlier, on January 21st, I walked with my younger son in the same wood near my house. I had a pipit calling from a tall eucalyptus. I didn’t have my bins with me but had my phone – again managed to record the bird, and after consulting with MG concluded it was an Olive-backed Pipit. This is what Martin wrote to me after listening to the awful recording: “The pitch reaches up to 8 kHz and has fading quality to it – just like an OBP. Tree Pipit pitches around 7 kHz and has strongly modulated end with less fading”.¬†Thanks Martin.

Olive-backed Pipit Israel 21 January 2013 Yoav PerlmanThis image was taken in November 2012 – quite a few birds overwintering in Israel. This is from Elkana.

Olive-backed Pipit