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  1. James P. Smith

    Hi Martin,

    Just found your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t imagine how I missed it before! Anyhow, it’s great with a totally refreshing approach and (of course) some cutting edge ideas on identification. I’ve already added it my list of favorites.

    Hope you and the family are doing well. Keep up the great work.

    Best Wishes,

    (still in Amherst, Massachusetts).

    1. Martin Garner

      Hi James

      Great to hear from you. I think you have the better blog name! One I toyed with at start.

      I look forward to following what you are up to – and please you can teach me how to do digi binning – I just can’t do it!

      Cheers Martin

  2. Chris Baines

    Hi Martin last saw you 25yrs ago in Thurso! great website, I too look forward to watching what you get up to.
    Cheers Chris

  3. Laurie Allan

    Super site, Martin, so much information posted in such a short time by so few (apologies to WinstonC) – reading it makes me feel like a walk around with my eyes shut! – ID stuff like yours at least makes you look with a more discerning eye at things!

    Keep up the good work –

    Laurie –

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  5. Trevor Lee

    Hi Martin, Love this site ! Was the Eagle owl found on the Yorks side of the bridge ? Have you had it analysed yet ? would love to know the origin of this bird .



    1. Martin Garner

      Hi Trevor

      the Owl is fully in the hands of Andy Gibson, Yorkshire wildlife Trust warden and I imagine it may be some time before there is any news – these things can take a while – thanks very much for the interest

      cheers Martin

  6. James Hanlon

    Martin, great blog and very informative! So informative there are bits I wouldn’t mind keeping in a folder for future ref. But printing is difficult as half the page gets chopped off! Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this or if you are particularly PC-lit (I’m not!) but have you considered a ‘printable view’ button that squishes it all into one page width? Maybe another reader (more techy than me) can advise on this…?

    1. Trev


      If you use the google chrome browser you can install an add on that takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it as a PNG file, you can store it in any folder and access it like a photo, a bit more environmentally friendly than printing .



  7. david forsyth Chair of FOWI

    Martin Just a line to say thank you for you talk at Wigg Island Community Park. Your friends Bill, Doug etc were really excited about your visit, and from your reaction you where glad to see them. Everyone enjoyed your presentaion hope to meet up with you again maybe on Frodsham marshes or its Pubs or maybe the Shetlands.

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  15. gerry o neill

    Enjoyed your website and gull photos.Send some of those gulls over here to the Irish east coast.I use the 400mm and 7D best combo for gull flight shot very fast.
    Gerry o

  16. Bruce

    Hi Martin
    I was a pleasure to meet you up by the lodge in Luddenden Dean. I am glad we spotted the Northern LTT. did you find it again?
    Will you put some pictures on the Blog?

    Best Wishes

  17. Mike

    Hi Martin,

    Just found your blog and borrowed one of your great shots of a Sooty Shearwater (I credited you) on my blog. Great stuff, thanks. Check it out:

    Happy World Oceans Day!

    Thanks again,
    Eco Ocean

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  20. Colin Green

    Hi Martin
    Once again thanks to Tormond and yourself for a brilliant night on Sat at Rutland water on Pushing the Boundries it was excellent.

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