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Northern Harrier flies past Portland Bill!

Another cheeky male.

Read the finders Peter Moore’s account. Witty, unusually candid and very well written.


This morning for the benefit of a solo observer Peter Moore, this apparent male Northern Harrier/ Marsh Hawk flew by at Barleycrates, Portland. Thanks (again) to the modern camera and quick reflexes, photos seem to show the relevant features. Well sussed Martin Cade. Though distant and a small images it’s still possible to make out the pro Marsh Hawk characters such as heavy brown marking over head and upper wing coverts, rufous spotting on underparts and critically less black in the outer primaries¬†than even a 2 year old European Hen Harrier. This is especially exemplified by the ‘silver bullet’ of P6 (5th primary counting from outside) which only has a small amount of black at the feather tip (all black in male Hen Harrier). A better view of the tail would be be nice- but you can’t always have everything!

See photo directly below and don’t forget to visit the Portland Bird Observatory Website– a very cool place.Hen Harrier

Hen Harrier 2

Hen Harrier 3.

Asian Black-shouldered Kite in Turkey

Following the birds in Israel last 2 years this must represent the westermost record yet of the Asian form ‘vociferus’. Been around for a month or so in Turkey. Seems the first to clock these as Asian birds was Birding Frontiers team member, Dani Velasco. The 2nd Western Palearctic record?