BF Team – Yoav Perlman

Yoav Perlman

I started off birding as an annoying little boy in Hadoram Shirihai’s back seat. Later on I grew up and started finding my own birds. My professional career started as a surveyer, guide, ringer etc. I now work for the Israeli Ornithological Center as National Monitoring and Research coordinator.  I have lots of office work but luckily I do lots of fieldwork myself, and I always keep the best atlas boxes to myself and give the rest of my team the remaining birdless boxes ; ). I am very keen on rarities and ID (even gulls!), and Israel is a great place for both. As a ringer I get to understand moult better:  really helpful when identifying birds in the field. I have birded Asia and Africa intensively now married with 2 children. I keep my own blogwhich keeps me quite busy but I am sure I can contribute to this great team by adding insights from the SE corner of the WP.

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