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Tristan Reid

I am delighted to be joining the team at Birding Frontiers. I should start by telling youa bit about myself. My name is Tristan Reid I am a passionate birder, naturalist, conservationist and father. I run the website The ‘Inked Naturalist’ and co-run the conservation mouth piece ‘Talking-Naturally’. I look forward to the input from other team members and I do have a drive to learn and ask questions. My interests within bird identification are vast, but I like the challenge of tricky groups and I also have a great interest in sub species. I ask a lot of questions, there are not always answers, but this is how we open our mind to learn!

I hope you enjoy my contributions and I look forward very much to engaging with you!

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  1. Alan Pearson

    Hi Tristan,

    I greatly enjoyed your archived Steller’s Eider post. I did leave you a comment, though you probably didn’t see it as it was an archived post: a bit about using the Hurtegruten ferries for birding, but mainly, could you please tell me roughly what date you saw the birds in Vardø?

    Thank you,



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