BF Team – Terry Townshend

Terry Townshend

“Born and raised in east Norfolk, a wonderful place for a birding apprenticeship, Ideveloped a passion for birds from the age of 5. After a short-distance migration to London, where I paired up with a British diplomat, we stretched our wings to spend three years in Denmark.  There I ran the Birding Copenhagen blog before a long-distance migration to China in 2010.  I have a particular interest in the birds of China’s capital city and now run a blog calledBirding Beijing.  I enjoy travelling, discovering and learning in this vast and wonderfully bird-rich country.  Through my contribution to Birding Frontiers, I hope to whet readers’ appetites about potential vagrants to Western Europe and raise awareness of conservation challenges whilst conveying a sense of the birding experience in China.  When I am not birding or writing about birds, I am Policy Director for GLOBE International, working with parliaments to advance legislation on environmental and sustainable development issues.”

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