BF Team – Roger Riddington

Roger Riddington

Roger Riddington has lived in Shetland for 20 years, following a birdingapprenticeship in Lincolnshire. He became editor of British Birds in 2001 and that job is currently still keeping him occupied and at a computer for more hours of the day than is healthy. As a result of having a desk job, he is not an avid blog-reader in his spare time; this is his first foray into the world of blogging and he is very unsure whether he should be following this course rather than learning more about the Islay malts. He is married to Agnes, who brought two step-sons into his life, both of them joyful and precious darlings, and one of them is even into birds. Roger is a virtuoso mouth trumpet player and lives in hope of being asked to play live with the Malachy Tallack band. He promises to keep his blog posts more focused and less rambling than this biog

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