BF Team – Peter Adriaens

Peter Adriaens photo 900As usual, I am fashionably late – even when it comes to joining something as interesting and thought-provoking as the website. I am honoured to now be part of a great team of blog writers, and I hope I can contribute something useful from time to time. I promise it will not always be about gulls!

As an editor for Dutch Birding, I enjoy writing identification papers, but some topics and ideas probably lend themselves better to the blogging world than to a 25 page in-depth article.

I live in Belgium, where I have had the good fortune to be able to work in gull and tern colonies for a few years. I have also worked in Armenia, surveying breeding birds and migration. I have travelled widely, mainly with the idea of becoming more familiar with some species that interest me. Birding has been my main passion for over 25 years and I still thoroughly enjoy it – be it when seeing a new bird or some kind of variation that I was not familiar with; it is all thrilling. If nothing else, it is often great to just be outdoors. Time spent in nature is never time wasted, as they say…

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