BF Team – José Luis Copete

José Luis Copete

I’m very happy to join the team of BF. I began as a ringer at 12 years old in 1981 inJLCOPETETiana, near Barcelona. From that time I’ve been involved in ringing projects, evolving from regular ringing to present focus on selected species for specific research. Nowadays I combine expeditions within the Western Palearctic (in-hand bird studies, sound-recording and museum studies) with a deep interest in ID of birds of the world, travelling as well as studying pictures and literature. I’ve been working on HBW (Handbook of the Birds of the World) since 2002, and the Handbook of Western Palearctic Birdsfrom 2008. One of my regular jobs is the checking of scientific literature for the HBW Alive project, so my contributions will be along the lines of news and comment on academic literature dealing with such as taxonomy and range.

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