BF Team – Jochen Dierschke

Jochen Dierschke

A  birder since childhood I have always loved my local patch. The local sugar-beetponds, gave way the Wadden Sea but my real favourite is and has always been Helgoland. In March 2012 a dream became true when I became the technical director of the ringing station. Helgoland is probably the only place in Germany most birders in the world have heard of – be it for the tunnel traps, the spectacular bird migration or the vagrants. The exciting thing living there is that every day is different! And any day you can expect the unexpected: a vagrant from far away, a non-migratory bird from the mainland or just an odd-coloured or odd-calling bird. These birds actually make bird identification thrilling for me! I am also a biologist who has worked in various bird related projects. Although I traveled to many countries, my favourite destination remains the Russian Arctic.

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  1. Christoph Bock

    Hi Jochen, excellent picture ;-)! I remember where it was – was a good time! All the best, Christoph.


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