BF Team – Andrea Corso

Andrea Corso

When I was 6 my fathers used to bring me out in the nature.  Thanks to my fantastic parents, I was studying birds but also dragonfly, reptiles and wildlife in general.  Now I love to read novels, go for music concerts and visit museums but still 80% of my life is devoted to birds and zoology, either field trips, museum skins studies, researches and so on. I have published a lot, not always so good reading them again now but always a step to start and go further: this is for me what science should be – a never ending learning process! I study raptors mostly, shorebirds and in general birds of the Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Middle East. What I love more is to go to the little paradise of Linosa Island, Sicily, with my best friends and members of the birding team “the MISC”. This is how life should be- simply perfect and peaceful!

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  1. Samuele Ramellini

    Thank you Andrea for your helping me with your precious ornithological counseling!
    Samuele Ramellini


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