Extraordinary Grey Shrike

Make a Fuss!

Shrike Eemshaven 18 oktober 2015


Sometimes you have to 🙂

This bird, trapped in the Netherlands on 18th October (that woul be last month) I think is extra- ordinary for this far west. Fits gallaie/homeyeri  profile. Least all I can say is I have never come across one.

Of course it may still be around. Somewhere in the region of the land bordering the English Channel

Why fuss?

So much white! The extra white running along the edges of the secondaries. That’s the main feature for me. You would need to see/ read the text and illustrations in the Challenge : WINTER to see what I am on about.

No further gen. Thanks to Mark Grantham who first flagged up a similar bird in Suffolk last month. And to Martin Brandsma who gained permission to share this one. In haste…

Shrike Eemshaven 18 oktober 2015

3 thoughts on “Extraordinary Grey Shrike

  1. Jim Clarke

    In response to your tweet of 27th December (‘[A]mazed no take up of interest here: You all asleep? :)’); well i’m still burnt out by that 2010 one ( http://birdingfrontiers.com/2010/11/05/homeyeri-great-grey-shrike/)! I’ve got say though that the amount of white on the secondaries on this bird (along with what looks like a really distinct white ground colour to the otherwise stained/damp lower rump/uppertail coverts) takes this bird a lot further away from the excubitor/homeyeri intergrade zone. The outer tail pattern looks pretty much perfect too. If this one isn’t doable are we looking at restricting diagnosability to adult males only perhaps?

  2. Jim Clarke

    Actually Martin, thinking about it, what are your thoughts on ageing & sexing this bird? Other noticeable differences from the Blacka Moor bird are the more solidly black lores, very sharp white edging to the scapulars which appears limited to the rear portion (rather than diffuse and along almost the entire scapular edge), and what looks like more extensive white above the lores.


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