Dusky and Naumann’s Thrushes

Beautiful. And the New Taxonomies Beckon.

What do I mean? I have touched on this with some of these photos before. Talking with Terry again they reignited the issues.

Bottom line is Taxonomy- the way we ‘order’ or organise animal life so we can make sense of it. All very well if it comes reasonably close to what is really happening. But what if it is way off? Whats if our chosen approach- say phenotype- i.e. the way they look is just ridiculously way off.

So much so the birds are laughing. I don’t understand all the disciplines but some I have seen indicate

the birds are laughing

One such is this group… (and ticking in Britain is about the most unhelpful way to be lead in making taxonomic decisions. It just is.) I saw the Chingford Naumann’s. Awesome bird. Just loved it. Is it a different ‘tick’ from the recent Kent Dusky? Very likely NOT. BUT it IS different. And beautiful. And that will have to be enough. Classifying the differences- and similarities is well worth while.

Dusky and Naumann’s Thrushes and intermediates. Or possibly all intermediates. All photos by Terry Townshend.


Dusky Thrush or near as

Dusky Thrush or near as

Dusky Thrush- seemingly...

Dusky Thrush- seemingly…

OK thi one is different. Orangeyness on back and rump mmmm that's more than Ducky.

OK thi one is different. Orangeyness on back and rump mmmm that’s more than Ducky.

adding Naumann’s pics shortly

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