Birds of Spurn Book UPDATE!!

NOW is the time

The next two days are the last two days of the pre-publication price. So good time to purchase now I guess…


As we approach the publication. Now is the time. The 2016 NEW YEAR will see this book as a must-buy.

The Birds of Spurn. A local Book but not! Because it is the log of a national and international site for migration. The obvious place for the first ever Migration Festival. the obvious site to partner with other international locations like Cape May and Falsterbo.

A0A2E3A8-DD39-A920-63D9-3A88FD779F50_the-birds-of-spurn-friends-of-spurn-price.galleryA place of phenomenal numbers.
A place of unexpected migration revelations
A place of remarkable remote beauty
A place (the best place?) for rare birds on Mainland Britain

You are invited to Come and be a part of the action

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Andy Roadhouse shines

Bean Goose Spurn book (1 of 1)



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