Is it a British First?

Waxham, Norfolk mid-October 2015

Detected as a little more than interesting by Mark Grantham. There are several aspects about the plumage meriting discussion but they would not raise eyebrows apart from the SECONDARIES!

So rather than labour the point- read the chapter on Great Grey  Shrikes in the Challenge Series: WINTER and have a look at the wing on this bird.

The immediate questions for me are:

Is it some kind of British first?

Is it still in the area?


Great Grey Shrike a (1 of 1)

Great Grey Shrike b (1 of 1)


shrike3 shrike4 shrike12


2 thoughts on “Is it a British First?

  1. James Cracknell

    Hi Martin

    Hope things are looking positive. I was part of the team that trapped and ringed this bird. In short it was ringed by a trainee and supervised by two very experienced trainers. Simply put the super is not strong and it is strong on the Eastern races according to all the peer-reviewed documentation.

    It is an interesting juvenile GGS but could never to assigned to any race. From the monograph it is an intermediate on secondaries. The similar adult bird that was present was also interesting as it had similar plumage characteristics.

    We are still at a phase where we do not fully understand characteristics in species and what is Phenotypic plasticity and not isolated genetics.

    They both wouldn’t get through the BOU.


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