Greenland Redpolls calls

It works (I think)

Well I finally got around to producing sonagrams of the brief flight/chatter calls we got of two redpolls at Durigath, Shetland with Roger Riddington and Paul Harvey. Of three redpolls, two were viewable and we identified one as a Lesser and the other as a Greenland/ ‘North-western’. In windy conditions I made a brief recording. I think the Greenland can be heard and seen (on sonagram) at the end of the session. The thick note with a kind of ‘leg’ on the sonagram at the left end/ start of call is similar to clearer recordings of the same taxa at Norwick, Unst in 2012.

I think so anyway! Especially when compared with other taxa like Lesser. Compare recent recordings of Lesser Redpoll at Flamborough.




Greenland and Lesser Redpoll Durigarth.png

Above: Sonagram of Durigarth redpoll recordings. See right hand end and compare with sonagrams of ‘North-west’ Redpolls recored in 2012 at Norwick, Unst.


Greenland Redpoll from 2012




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