Northern Treecreeper. Be Prepared!

East Coast Stunner from 2013

I want to keep this subject alive! Northern Treecreepers are beautiful and rare. Many folk DON’T realise how rare Northern Treecreepers are nationally in Britain. The identification is covered in Challenge Series: AUTUMN.

Graham Catley, once again has provided another chance to keep learning from Lincolnshire. Apart from a record from North Cotes 1947 – there are zero other records of Northern Treecreepers from this east coast, English county. Amazing! Here then is what seems to be the first modern Lincolnshire record.

14th-15th October 2013, Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

This Treecreeper was trapped by Martin Sizer, all photos by Steve Lorand. thanks indeed to Graham, Martin and Steve. So what do we think? Is it a Northern?

Northern Treecreeper (A)

Above: First look and it appears awesome :). The white feathering on the upperparts looks continuous with the white feathering on the crown. Notice how broad the white supercilium IN FRONT of the eye.

Northern Treecreeper (A)

Above: The wings. Check out how the pale marks in the primaries are pallid, creamy, almost white. Certainly not straw/ yellow etc as on ‘British’ birds.

Northern Treecreeper

Above: Head on Northerns have broad white supercilium zone, not especially pinched right up the front of the snozzle.

Northern Treecreeper (A)

Above: The rump patch on Northerns is paler than on British birds and often stands out as lovely bright pale cinnamon spot. On British Birds the rump doesn’t look the same but looks more concolourous with the rest of the upperparts.

Northern Treecreeper (A)

Above. So lets go… find some more!




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