Hume’s Warbler at Flamborough

but it wasn’t about that.

That being two days ago on 27th October. Johnny Mac and Craig T. had already planned a visit. We are in chaos as we land from my weeks stay in hospital (see here).

The house needing to be utterly re-ordered. Then Johnny messaged to say he’s got a Hume’s Warbler. Well we have been talking about these suckers since Johnny helped ID one (against some uncertainty from others) back in 1987. Another Flamborough Hume’s saw me planning to meet Johnny at Flamborough on a  foggy morning in November 2004 (I think). We both saw the Hume’s’ Warbler in OLd Fall. He found some Tundra Bean Geese I jammed a female Pine Bunting!

Anyway two days ago they showed up and proceeded to man haul me out of the house in a wheelchair and down to see the Hume’s’. I tell you what. My body is busted. I feel like a look really weird. I often feel unsurprisingly very vulnerable. Dependant. I even wonder, as you do, why these dudes would be bothering with me.

I did get a brief view off the Hume’s Warbler, and a Chiffchaff and a Firecrest. Way way more importantly I am in a state that leaves me very humble and weak.  In a topsy turvy world the product  of my weakness was and is a  sense of community here I wouldn’t swop for the world.

While we are out… Phil and Sue Cunningham are trying to make  our house work.  Gaynor C. comes over is keen to visit and help. Brett R. wants to get me on the bird.  I am a blessed man.

friends 1friends 2

Hume’s  watching with CT.  Johnny dodged being on the pic! I love my friends.


15-10-28 Humes Warbler Flamboro15-10-28 Humes Warbler image 2 Flamboro

Early shots of the bird by Craig. Great ID by Johnny who knows this one soooo… well.


Superb image by local doyen Andrew Allport. Make sure you see more on the Flamborough Bird Observatory blog where I poached this from! Andrew trumps the pics most of the time at Flamborough.

Meanwhile back at home this wee team tirelessly adding to our flipping brilliant sense of community. Fixing the house up. That was a day to remember!

a team



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