Northern Treecreeper in Lincolnshire

and a BBRC rarity

This is just a ‘pointer post’ to send you to Graham Catley’s

PEWIT BLOGSPOT – so you can his Northern Treecreeper photos and be ready to find your own. It’s a very are bird in Lincolnshire based on past records…

Northern Treecreepers are now an official BBRC rarity. That’s because they appear to be… rare. Find one you’ve scored!

Graham Catley on quick check: Past Lincs avifaunas are as follows:

Smith and Cornwallis 1952
Treecreepers occur occasionally on the coast and an example of the Northern race was obtained at North Cotes in March 1947 shot by Dr J M Harrison
Atkin and Lorand 1989
No additions

2013 Donna Nook one trapped October 14th – 15th

So CLICK here to see more of this bird by Graham:


so = RARE!

Thanks as ever to GPC.

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