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Spurn Migration Festival 2015


To our quiet surprise 2015 has been widely saluted as the best one yet. The Spurn Migration Festival this year gathered nearly 300 people. The event is quickly becoming a key event in the birding calendar. However having a vision is one thing. Turning that vision into a reality requires real people and hard work! The reputation of the migfest has been established by local people serving visitors in a very special way. Then from outside individuals and organisation have come and engaged with the migfest, partnering with its aims and ambitions.

So here’s a tiny THANK YOU to all of those who mucked in and made this years Spurn Migration Festival, that bit extra special.

It’s 15 Minutes long. Lots of folk get mentioned. Some get a bit humour chucked at them 🙂

Can YOU please pass this on to those who need to hear it. THANK YOU!



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